The simple explanation

Experience gives you the ability to break down complex ideas into clear communication. Developing merchandisable displays for retail is no walk in the park. If you’re going to do it, you might as well be the best there is at it. Or else, why bother?


Proprint can explain everything you need to know about retail POS production simply and directly.

Proprint understands what you need.

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Frigidaire Stove POS Display

Retail Point of Sale that Really Cooks

As part of a $10,000 sweepstakes promotion, Frigidaire developed this scale version of a real Frigidaire range stove. The laminated technique gives the surface a realistic metallic look.



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Jacobs Creek Australian Open Retail POS Display

Tennis anyone?

As a proud Australian brand, Jacob’s Creek continues its partnership with one of Australia’s most iconic sporting events, the Australian Open, as an Associate Sponsor and Official Wine Supplier. The Australian Open is a pinnacle of the Australian sporting calendar and an event followed by millions around the world. Jacob’s Creek believes that it is not just the skill on the court that captivates audiences but the raw emotions that are revealed throughout the event.


About Jacob’s Creek

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Kraft Autumn Anchor End Cap

Winter is Coming

I’m not certain where Summer went, but the weather this week has certainly changed. Where did it go?
Don’t pack up those t-shirts just yet, because Mother Nature may have a few nice days left before the snow falls. To celebrate the changing of the seasons, we decided to showcase this striking piece of Retail POS from Kraft Foods.

Seasonal Seperator

This simple approach has a lip that slips under a pallet of product or against a set of tilt backs or book case displays. This one also has a space for a tear pad so that consumers can take coupons to the register. It’s a great way to bookend a series of products under one brand. Something that Kraft knows how to do quite well.

Barilla Gondola Retail POS Display

Showstopper display

This display uses it’s footprint to draw consumers into the brand with thoughts of Venice. It has a pair of dump bins for product and an archway that really captures attention.
Barilla knows the importance of making an impression in the pasta aisle.


Venice in the pasta aisle

Gluten-free selections as well


Healthy alternatives for dinner time.

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Craft Beer Carry-All

Whatever you do, don’t spill the beer.

Anyone who has ever had to carry an armful of frothy cold ones back from the bar to their table knows how tricky it can be. Especially if you have to navigate a thirsty crowd at a beer festival or food event.
Here’s a clever approach to carrying your pints. Simple and stylish.