Thank you SickKids

Going above and beyond for children

Like all of you, we are amazed by the selfless efforts of those on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Especially those in hospitals like the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children, here in Toronto.

Grateful to the SickKids Team

This time, our appreciation hits even closer to home. One of our own Proprint Family members was diagnosed with leukemia and was admitted to SickKids during this pandemic.

Quinn is the son of Naush Ibrahim, our Structural Design Manager. This beautiful little fella is a fighter with a heart of gold. He is surrounded by a loving family (and an extended one). His treatment is going in a positive direction thanks to Dr Gupta and the rest of the Oncology team at SickKids.

Protecting those that protect our future

Over the years, Proprint has supported SickKids and the amazing people who look after our most precious resource there: our kids.

This time, we wanted to do something special. A small gesture of our appreciation and admiration for those looking after Quinn and other children like him. Naush designed these face shields himself (remotely) and then the Proprint Production Team made them a reality.

SickKids Foundation accepted our donation of 2000 face shields along with our gratitude.

How can you help The Hospital for Sick Children?

Proprint is here to help

Corporate Update

We want you to know that we are dedicated to supporting our clients with the highest level of service. As many of our customers are part of the supply chain, our services are required to help support their business during these uncertain times. Proprint’s diversity in what we manufacture and who we manufacture for, has been the stronghold to our success.

Currently, as many employees as possible are working from home. For those employee’s that are operating in our plants, they are following COVID19 protocol by wiping in and out of the building, wiping down work stations, and maintaining appropriate social distancing with each other.

Together we will all come through this stronger from the experience.
Wishing you and those that you care about good health.

Primaris Head Office Toronto – Large format wall art

Proprint was tasked with designing and producing a series of large format wall prints for the new offices of Primaris (a division of H&R REIT). This was a team effort between both companies to bring a fresh look to a new space. Learn more about Primaris here and their exciting retail portfolio.

Wall facing main board room

Using a collection of Primaris property images, Proprint designed a high resolution collage. The Primaris team helped to shape it to represent a successful history in Canadian retail. The result is a colourful accent wall that can be seen from their new boardroom. Large format panels were printed and installed in time for the big reveal.



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Panawrapped™ exclusively in Canada with Proprint

One of the most exciting innovations in retail point of Sale Production is Panawrapping. This sustainable alternative to vac forming is a proprietary technique that goes beyond simple pop offs and brings 3D objects to life. Panawrapping has made it’s impression on the international retail market. Canada now joins in with Proprint as the sole Canadian provider of this cost-effective technology.


Proprint CEO, Richard Krakower explains what this means for North American Retailers:

“Our clients have challenged us to deliver POS that not only grabs consumer’s attention, but holds on to it. Now, any dimensional object (no matter how complex) can be reproduced cost effectively to stand out against it’s competition, while keeping sustainability top of mind.”

What is PanaWrapping?

Panawrapping is a ground breaking technique, developed to convert 2D images into 3D graphic embellishments.
Unlike plastic vac-formed objects, Panawrapped™ POS is sustainable, quicker to produce and more cost effective.

How does it work?

The Panawrapped™ System is exclusively licensed for Canada with Proprint. The process is a coveted secret. All we can say is this: Proprint can add dimension to just about any brand.

Take for example this case study for SodaStream. As a leader in home beverage preparation, this brand required a diverse range of large and small format displays. All needed to help consumers to instantly get drawn in to the beauty of the product’s unique design. But also draw eyes in to examine the details.


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Proprint Holiday Fundraiser in support of SickKids


One of our favourite projects of the year is the Proprint Holiday Fundraiser in support of SickKids. Hands down, it generates the most enthusiasm and teamwork. Probably because it focuses energy on our favourite demographic: Kids!

Internal Display

Last year, we developed Holiday toy collection bins. This year, was a fundraiser. That still required a visual reminder in the office. A corrugate tree and a mantle seemed like the right fit. The fireplace has a motion activated sensor light that flickers like a flame.

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4/edition – Toronto International Art Book Fair – Large Format Displays


A real page-turner

4/edition Art Book Fair is produced annually in cooperation with Art Toronto (Canada’s International Art Fair), and is dedicated to the promotion of art book publishing in all forms and artworks created in editions.

This year, Proprint produced and assembled some captivating, large format geometric displays. Check it out.


Richard Krakower of Proprint along side edition co-founders MaryAnn Camilleri and Gareth Brown-Jowett

“This is our fourth year serving as Official Print and Signage Sponsor.
What can we say? We love art and we love books.”

Richard Krakower
Proprint Services Inc.


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