Bombay Sapphire Self-Illuminating Package by Yehrin Tong

Webb deVlam has created packaging for gin brand Bombay Sapphire that illuminates when the box is lifted off of the shelves. Absolutely brilliant (pardon the pun, but it’s appropriate here).


Illuminating packaging from Bombay Sapphire

Let there be light.

The packaging features a vector illustration by Yehrin Tong that has been produced in electroluminescent ink. The animated effect is created with the help of an electric current from a small battery at the bottom of the pack and a hidden mechanical switch is triggered when the packaging is picked up from the shelf. And Voila!
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Beefeater 24 packaging

The classic London-based brand spreads it’s creative wings


We are fans of this approach

Gin and tonic is the usual drink of choice for many but what about Gin & Tea? Beefeater 24, Gin & Tea is inspired by the beauty of asian tea ingredients and the package design reflects ornate asian floral patterns. The gin bottle is contained in a box, that when opened is reminiscent of a traditional asian wooden fan.

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State-of-the-art imaging tech meets Old-school artistry


The tools may have changed.
The passion for creating inspiring imagery has not.

Software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are industry standards. Everyone has them.
But not everyone knows how to get the most out them.
The trick is finding the right people to get behind the wheel. That’s when the real magic happens.

Believe in designers. Rely on the technology to unleash their creativity.

Always add a touch of class - on the house

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Packaging Colour vs. Product Colour

Bottoms up

It has been proven that appetite appeal is directly influenced by colour. Maybe not as literal as this example below, but something to think about.

When you open yourself to colour, you get noticed.

When approaching the packaging design for any consumable product line, you need to consider your brand colours. But never forget whats inside of the package.

The right colour combinations can trigger direct retail response.


How exactly?
Ask Proprint. They know all about it.