Wal-Mart Retail Colour Blocking

Vibrant retail inspiration

Proprint Marketing Director and POP cub reporter, Nadia Giannantonio is constantly in the field looking for successful retail executions.
As a mom, she is well aware of brands trying to capture her attention. And as a fan of colourful merchandising techniques, some actually do.

At the moment, the Proprint Creative and Structural Teams are locked in a retail POS production project that is heavily centred on colour. These two shots were just what the doctor ordered today. Thanks Nadia.



Keep your eyes peeled for great Retail Point of Sale

Send ‘em in. We would love to see what catches your eye.

Like that?

How about this:


Kraft Project Play Retail POS Displays


Program runs May 1 – June 14

Kraft Project Play is helping to build a better future by building better places to play. To help bring this exciting initiative to life, Proprint was tasked with designing a series of Retail Point of Sale displays to engage consumers and drive traffic to the program. It was a fun project to design – and it shows.
Starting May 1st – be sure to check out our displays in your local grocery stores across Canada.

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The Proprint Product Storage Room is slowly transforming into the Proprint Store

Clear retail vision

The Proprint Storage Room was a mess. Boxes of product samples seemed to pile up over time and no one wanted to organize it.
Where some saw a retail graveyard, others saw an opportunity to merchandise. Now, it’s not done yet. But it’s getting there:



Clean up in aisle 2

The Proprint Structural Department approached this room like any other retail footprint. First they started with some measurements, then worked on ways to maximize the area. The results speak for themselves.


If you think that’s something, wait until you see what we have planned for the outside


In case you didn’t know:


What inspired us to do this? That’s simple:


Always have. Always will.
Would love to tell you about it.

Retail Point of Sale Display – Structural Design

structural design retail point of sale displays

The foundation for retail success

The Proprint Retail POS Structural Design Team is a special group. They take a briefing and a couple of sketches and magically convert them into die cut mock ups that can be tested and dressed in graphics.


It starts with the right structure

Engineering displays that satisfy and exceed expectations is a specialized skill set. You have to think about things a little differently. From several angles. That’s what makes this team so special. Their creativity is a blend of artistry, physics, geometry and an abundance of imagination. Separately, each quality has it’s value. Together, they are the perfect balance for great POS display design.
Learn more about this division here.


(Video) Printing on untraditional surfaces

Printing technologies continue to evolve

This year, the Proprint team left the cozy comforts of the production floor and headed for Las Vegas, Nevada. At this year’s Globalshop 2015 conference we saw some interesting printing executions that really caught our eyes. We wanted to share a few with you.


Rethinking the surfaces that brands can play on

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to print directly on toast? or spaghetti perhaps?
Us either. But these sure brought a smile to our faces anyway. This industry continues to surprise us.


Smuckers Jam Jar printed on toast

Yeah, but can you recycle toast?

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