Conceptual Packaging for Kellogg’s Special K Cereal

special K

The overview of my packaging was to come up with a design, not for children, but for adults. We are no longer children so we should design a mature packaging than the original. The challenge of this project was to get out of the stereotype packaging of cereal box. I explored many shapes and came up with two ideas. In dilemma, I have decided to push both concept. The simple solution was to work on both ideas and see how far I can take each idea.

The reason why I chose Special K is because I had an urge to change this brand into a unisex design. Because as you can see on the left, the design is aimed for women. Secondly, I had to choose an appropriate cereal that is suitable for adults because “cheerios” or “trix” would be for children. My target audience would be an ambitious and aspiring young adults ranging from 18-30. People who love brands and fame. They want guests that come to their house to know that not only do they eat fancy meals but also fancy cereals.

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by Mun Joo Jane

Graphic Designer, Visual Communicator
Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Good Dinosaur Cinema Display

Disney Pixar goes simple

Judging by the teaser trailer below, Disney Pixar is maintaining an element of mystery with it’s new animated release: The Good Dinosaur. The display that we spotted at the theatre this past weekend certainly backs that up.

If you have kids, you’ll probably be seeing this one:



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Good design solves problems

It’s safer to pass in the oncoming lane thanks to this simple technology

For anyone who has followed behind a large truck, this concept could really be of interest. Imagine how many accidents could be prevented with this.

We find inspiration in the most unusual places. This animation caught our eye and we wanted to share it.
What does it have to do with retail point of sale production? Nothing. But thoughtful design applies to many disciplines. Even behind the wheel.


Limited Edition Bottle Designs by Coca Cola And Trussardi

One hundred years of packaging design

Coca Cola marks its 100th anniversary of bottle design with a brand new series of packaging in partnership with Trussardi. This limited edition collection of aluminium cans and glass bottles rock the stylish, signature aesthetics of the
luxury Italian fashion house.


Refreshing approach

The cans feature three different designs composed of a striking splash of colors, an eye-catching motif and a dazzling gold backdrop that resembles the detailed texture of lizard leather.

These designs will debut at Expo Milan 2015 and are likely to hit shelves in Italy soon.