Proprint Re-fresh

Starting the New Year off with a new environment

Traditional Printing is a fast paced industry. Retail POS Production is even faster. Sometimes along with that pace, things can get a little messy. And an untidy office or production floor is not something that you want to start the year off with. That’s why it’s so great to come back to Proprint and find everything optimized for success. Who’s success? – Yours actually.

Before the year concluded, the entire Proprint team rolled up their sleeves to clean, purge and organize the entire company (2 facilities). It required teamwork and accountability. What did we learn from this yearly endeavour?: We have an abundance of both.

Clean Office, Clean Business

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Creative Studio – Revamp

Proprint freshens up their Creative / Stuctural Design Departments

The problem with being so good at what you do,
is that you rarely have time to apply those skills to yourself.

Our area of expertise just so happens to be creating retail displays and environments that make you stop and take notice. So, in between projects this Summer, we decided to make our Creative and Structural Design areas more functional and inviting.

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Life Water’s New Zero Plastic Approach

Beverage Brand takes Plastic Waste Seriously

Life Water has announced that it will be utilizing new packaging this Spring.  The Spring Water
will be available in a canned format – 100% recyclable and BPA free! – beginning in May 2018.

Changing the Landscape One Bottle at a Time

Life Water is committed to ridding our planet of single use water bottles, which would
dramatically reduce plastic waste. Life Water’s goal is to make an environmental difference,
and they feel that this new packaging will be a huge step in the right direction towards decreasing the
amount of plastic waste found within the ocean.

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Proprint Services Internship – Spring 2018

My name is Sam Del Mastro and I have been interning here at Proprint Services for a bit
over two months. I’m writing this blog post in order to share with you some of the many
amazing experiences I have gained during my time at this company thus far.

Having shown up on my first day I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was immediately
greeted by a huge show room gallery of amazing retail point of sale displays, as well as
other highly creative projects and past designs that have been accomplished here at
Pro Print Services. The gallery sends a message that Pro Print Services is both proud
and confident in the work that they do. It is also a fantastic feature as clients and
employees alike gain the ability to walk by all the wonderfully developed displays.

The people here are great, they treated me as part of the team and really made me feel
welcome at all stages of my Pro Print Services internship experience. No matter what
department I was dealing with or who I talked to, everyone was on the same page and
ready to provide me with whatever it was I needed. The people here at Pro Print take
accurate concise communication very seriously and it really pays off.

I was very fortunate to be able to work along side the creative people here at Pro Print
Services. Thanks to their leadership and guidance I feel as though I have learned more
in my short time here then I have throughout years of design. From learning new software
programs, to finding out new ways to take better photos, there was never a shortage of diverse
and interesting tasks coming my way. These tasks have really given me a sense of accomplishment
and provided me with a new level of confidence in the work that I do.

I have no doubt that the leadership here has great taste. They have developed a truly
accomplished facility and I can’t wait to witness the many ways with which it will
grow over the years. The company environment is perfect and so is its culture.

Paper Retail Hat Display

Buy Paper Retail Hat Display

This corrugate retail display is ideal for displaying hats of various sizes and styles. This cost effective solution folds and assembles in a snap and showcases caps and hats effectively for sale.


Various sizes

Choose from several hat size options to suit your headwear products.

Cost effective and Easy to store and transport

Plastic and styrofoam retail head molds are expensive. Not only that, because of their volume, they also take up allot of storage space. These Paper Retail Hat Displays fold up and store flat, saving you space and money.

Printable. Customizable. Recyclable

Add your logo or personalize them with faces or skin tone if you like. Send a message to your customers that you care about the environment.


Ideal for Craft Sales, festivals & Trade shows

You don’t have to be a large retailer to showcase your hats well. All you need is a table to sell your goods. Some business cards and some great.

And when the day is done, all you do is fold up your Paper Retail Hat Displays (and your pocket full of cash) and go. It’s that simple. No one wants to wrestle with a set of Mannequins heads into their trunk. These displays are efficient and practical.


Ubisoft – Ghost Recon Wildlands – Retail POS Display

Gaming and Point of Sale design are both strategic disciplines

We have several gamers right here at Proprint. On top of that, kids at home who also love the thrill of a good game.
Here in the Proprint Creative Studio, we have a soft spot for amazing brand illustrations.
During an internal brain storm session, someone brought up some of the amazing creative coming out of Ubisoft. It didn’t take long before we were researching their game art and getting pretty excited about it.

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Retail Bookshelf Displays

Design and Print Corrugate Retail Bookshelves

Retail packaging is important. So too is the ability to display that packaging efficiently and affordably. Whether it’s boxes, or jars or something in between, a well-designed retail bookcase display is essential to succeed in market.


Structurally designed to move product

A properly engineered bookcase will make it easy for you to showcase your skus and sell.


Customize your retail footprint

No matter what size space you have to work with. We can design a solution that uses that space to it’s full potential.


Affordable and Environmentally friendly

Being efficient and wise with materials always pays off in the end. We have the experience and capability to make that happen at a reasonable cost and time frame. FSC Certified.

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