Cadbury Halloween Retail Point of Sale Displays


Halloween is a big deal in Canada. Many children (and those who are young at heart) look forward to dressing up and enjoying delicious Cadbury treats. For parents, it is equally important to hand out the best quality favourites. Here in Canada, Cadbury stands for exactly that.

POS that attracts attention

Building upon the success of their execution from last year, Mondelēz has refined their Halloween POS. The dimensional Pallet topper and Retail Archway help to create destinations that are sure to catch the eyes of parents who want to do Halloween “right”.

Pallet Topper

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Cadbury Halloween Point of Sale Displays


Nobody does Halloween quite like Cadbury. For this season, they have gone all-out to capture attention and imaginations with this charming POS series.

This dimensional haunted house pallet topper is part of a POS kit that includes base wraps to cover product pallets, wobblers and bookcase side panels. Each are dressed with whimsical Halloween jack-o-lanterns to capture the spirit of this holiday season.

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Barilla Retail Point of Sale Bookcase Display

Just like Mama used to make

Barilla‘s point of sales display look clean and crisp. Perfect for the simple designs of today and emphasis on the product itself rather than the display without the product. It really lets the product speak for itself. I also love the nice navy blue colour so that it is gentle on the eyes. Simply beautiful.

This display has a header card with a French contest promotion.


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Retail Point of Sale Display – Structural Design

structural design retail point of sale displays

The foundation for retail success

The Proprint Retail POS Structural Design Team is a special group. They take a briefing and a couple of sketches and magically convert them into die cut mock ups that can be tested and dressed in graphics.


It starts with the right structure

Engineering displays that satisfy and exceed expectations is a specialized skill set. You have to think about things a little differently. From several angles. That’s what makes this team so special. Their creativity is a blend of artistry, physics, geometry and an abundance of imagination. Separately, each quality has it’s value. Together, they are the perfect balance for great POS display design.
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Retail Point of Sale Showroom

Showcasing some of our client’s best work

Here at Proprint, we like to move things around to change the view. To freshen up things this time, we took a crack at bringing some retail displays into the foreground by re-arranging our retail point of sale showroom.


Putting a spotlight on the success stories

After all, our business is about making brands shine. What better place to do that than our very own offices.


We love retail point of sale production

Retail Point of Sale display – Back to School Locker

Mondelēz International takes us to school

They say that the magic is in the details.
The team behind the Proprint Creative Engine believe in this firmly. So does Mondelēz apparently.
While branding and structural design are certainly very important, every now and then a project comes along that changes the game.


I wouldn’t describe this bilingual locker bookcase display as “designed”. This was thoughtfully “Illustrated”.

Mondelēz tells stories with their brands. They draw you in and make you take notice.

Isn’t that what great Retail P.O.S. is supposed to do anyway?

*Mylar locker mirror – love it.

Branding is fun. Painting brands over functional retail structures – that’s even better.

Look at some of these nice touches, like the iPod earbuds threading through the vents. This was a love letter to the back to school season.

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