What is it?

It’s a resource for Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Production inspiration. It has been mandated to search the globe for the most impressive and interesting examples of retail printing and then bring them back here for you to reference.
But the truth is, there’s no telling what it will eventually develop into. For now, we just hope it saves you time and money.

Who is it for?

Well, anyone who is interested in retail marketing I suppose. But it’s aimed at people who have a brand that needs to stand out in store. Whether you are a Seasoned Professional or someone who is just getting their feet wet with Point of Sale (P.O.S.), this is a good place to start.
We try to have a little something for everyone here. So help us shape it. Add your two cents to the conversation. Share a few things and tell us what you want this project to grow into. Help us steer it in the direction your brand wants to go.

Who is behind POP?

POP Online is a value initiative created by Proprint Services Inc. For over 25 years, they have stood at the forefront of Retail Point of Sale Production.
Proprint isn’t just an arsenal of state of the art technology. It is a collection of expertise. This blog seemed like a great way to harvest that experience and pass it on to others. We hope that it helps. Or at the very least inspires an idea or two.


Always have. Always will.

Why did we build this blog?

Simply put:
We love Retail Point of Sale Production.
We love Creative People.
We love to Share.


…and anyone else who’s crazy about point of sale production. Know anyone? Share it with them.