Barbie Private Jet Retail Point of Sale Display

If Barbie knows one thing: it’s how to look great on the runway

Mattel Toys have faced challenges in recent years at retail. Especially due to the variety of high tech gizmos for kids on the market today. But that’s not enough to stop Barbie. She is resilient. And more stylish than ever. So rather than sink back onto the shelves with a number of other colourful boxes, she requests clearance from the tower.

Barbie lives in the virtual world as well. With online games and branding. But in order for Barbie to continue to succeed, she needs to anchor herself on store shelves. And in this case, with stunning pallet displays like this one.


Would you kindly take your seats please.

Mattel goes strong with engaging P.O.S. that kids love!

Paris Hilton has nothing on America’s original sweetheart. For over 50 years, she’s been an icon to little girls (and young boys too I suppose). She has weathered the political and cultural ebbs and flows of retail marketing. And as a brand, she’s a case study for navigating trends with success.


Barbie Private Jet Retail P.O.S. Display ( *Front view)

If you’re going to fly off the shelves, do it with flare

To capture young imaginations, you have to be consistent, thoughtful and clear. But you also have to put a little “Style” into it as well. Who better for that than Barbie? This young lady knows all about being in style. And this bold example of Point of Sale Production is proof of that.


Barbie Private Jet Retail P.O.S. Display ( *Rear view)

The Display is the Product

When you get kids to engage with your retail display and the products contained with in it, you get loyalty. This lady knows what she’s doing.


Scalable icon. Well-thought out.

Go get ’em kid

It’s not easy to stay this beautiful for as long as she has been. And between you and I: I suspect she’s had work done. Who cares. She looks amazing.


Girls just wanna have fun


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