Bombay Sapphire Self-Illuminating Package by Yehrin Tong

Webb deVlam has created packaging for gin brand Bombay Sapphire that illuminates when the box is lifted off of the shelves. Absolutely brilliant (pardon the pun, but it’s appropriate here).


Illuminating packaging from Bombay Sapphire

Let there be light.

The packaging features a vector illustration by Yehrin Tong that has been produced in electroluminescent ink. The animated effect is created with the help of an electric current from a small battery at the bottom of the pack and a hidden mechanical switch is triggered when the packaging is picked up from the shelf. And Voila!

Innovative Techniques illuminate a brand

We’ve been fans of Bombay Sapphire for many years. Not just because of their enjoyable product, but their brand as well. They always seem to find ways to push the boundaries of what’s “possible”. We admire that. Keep your eye on this brand. Their approach to packaging design is fearless.


We love talking about packaging. It’s one of our favourite things to do around here.

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  • vectorvault

    Imaginative use of a printing technology, that I never even knew existed until now. Nice.