Bud Light – Limited Edition NFL Re-Design

Bud Light Limited Edition NFL Bottles

After the success of the Limited Edition team cans,  Bud Light takes things one step
further to provide us with something new. These Limited Edition
NFL bottle designs are enough to make any fan light up, however
the marketing this time around focused on NFL super-fans. Each NFL team has its
own branded bottle design, leaving no fan out in the cold.

For these Limited Edition bottles, Bud Light’s branding takes a secondary role
allowing NFL team branding to become the focus of the bottle. NFL super-fans
would swiftly recognize if any of their favourite team colours were not represented 100% accurately,
therefore a lot of work went into ensuring that the colours were a true match.



Branding takes a backseat for NFL teams

Each bottle features a team specific rally cry, a strong base colour, as well as the official
logo of the corresponding team. The typography colour changes as well in order to help
capture the unique branding of each specific team.



Right down to the caps

Beer and sports go hand in hand, and the relationship between them
has evolved over the years. These Limited Edition NFL Bud Light bottles are a
perfect example of a marketing touch-down. These implementations in just the right combination,
capture the attention of fans.

Friendship and bringing people together is important to the Bud Light brand.
One of the ways Bud Light has conveyed friendship within the marketing of these new
bottles was by photographing the bottles in pairs implying that Bud Light
is better when shared.

We have to agree with Bud Light on that one.

Well done Bud light. Touchdown.

I can’t imagine the cost and effort of negotiating this complex arrangement of sponsorship deals.

Congratulations to Bud Light for a job well done.