Burnac Spanish Clementine Dumpbins

Sweet and Juicy produce displays

Burnac Produce Limited is a trusted supplier of fresh produce worldwide. For their seasonal Spanish clementines, they turned to Proprint to not only engineer a series of containment structures, but also develop a variety of creative approaches to dress them in.


For over 70 years, Burnac has established a reputation for representing the highest quality produce. Spanish clementines are merely one fruit segment that they supply to grocery stores across the globe.

Burnac Produce Limited has roots in the produce industry that go back over 70 years—having grown from the one-man produce trucking operation that started in the 1930s, which eventually became Provincial Fruit Company, to the multi-million dollar fresh produce operation it is today.

Over the years, a number of operations have been acquired and over time have been organized as two corporate divisions – Provincial Fruit Co. Limited and Rite-Pak Produce Co. Limited which currently occupy 25% of the Ontario Food Terminal.

Large format dump bin

Strong and striking.

With the growth and diversity of these operations, the need for an integrated, advanced refrigerated distribution centre was recognized and in 2006 this distribution centre, which is technologically “state-of-the-art” and has the ability to preserve any type of produce in the most ideal conditions, was completed, and Burnac Produce Limited was established.

Smaller footprint container

Memorable and clear.

Retail Point of Sale for Produce

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