Cadbury Easter Retail POS Displays

Spring is on the way

How can we tell? Well for starters, these stunning Easter-themed Cadbury displays are popping up all over.

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs are a big part of this season. So are many of Cadbury’s chocolate holiday brands. This year, their presence is front and centre with a dynamic use of space and branding. Look out for them at retail.


Hip Hop don’t stop

The Proprint Creative Engine designed these pieces and Proprint Production brought them to life with vibrant printing techniques. All in all, a great retail Point of Sale execution and a smart use of space.

Inviting and attractive. Retailers are putting their own touches on these configurations. Big or small. This one works. And getting retailers to express the brand in their own unique ways is the real success story here. When they get behind it. Consumers notice.



Could not resist this classic spot

Anyone remember this one?