Cadbury Halloween Retail Point of Sale Displays


Halloween is a big deal in Canada. Many children (and those who are young at heart) look forward to dressing up and enjoying delicious Cadbury treats. For parents, it is equally important to hand out the best quality favourites. Here in Canada, Cadbury stands for exactly that.

POS that attracts attention

Building upon the success of their execution from last year, Mondelēz has refined their Halloween POS. The dimensional Pallet topper and Retail Archway help to create destinations that are sure to catch the eyes of parents who want to do Halloween “right”.

Pallet Topper


Retail Archway


Thoughtful structural design:

Market execution

Here are some examples of how this program was activated at retail. This series was designed to be easy to assemble. Each piece was sent out with a custom assembly video that retailers could reference on their phones while they are putting it together.

Designing a great looking set of POS displays is only half the battle. Making certain that it meets retail standards, ships on time and assembles easily at retail is the other half.

Happy Halloween

Cadbury Halloween POS displays Canada Adam Jarvis of Proprint

Sized to enclose standard pallet sizes, this retail archway adds extra dimension and colour.

Cadbury Halloween POS displays Canada Adam Jarvis of Proprint

Frames the product nicely. Iconic Cadbury purple and gold providing contrast for the branding.

Cadbury Halloween POS displays Canada Adam Jarvis of Proprint

Staying within height restrictions while creating an impactful invitation for shoppers to investigate. Nicely organized.


Check out last year’s Halloween point of sale displays here.

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