Esko Hosts 3rd annual Honours Course – Belgium


Photographed by Sabrina Cee

Belgium, Netherlands.

An enlightening experience

While doing my internship at Proprint Sevices, I was invited to attend the Esko 3rd annual Flexographic Packaging honours course in Ghent, Belgium. The course lasted 2 weeks and provided me with the opportunity to learn and explore Esko’s latest and greatest software, as well as experience the small city of Ghent and all it has to offer. With a population of around 260 000 people, the city of Ghent has a lot of history and was once the largest and richest city in all of Europe. The gothic architecture, beautiful cobblestone roads, bike lanes and delicious food are just some of the draws this wonderful city has to offer. The Belgian waffles, chocolate as well as the homemade jenever served at Dreupelkot were some of my favourites!

Photographed by Sabrina Cee

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Proprint July 2016 Newsletter


Summer Retail POS heats up

As this year reaches the half way mark I wanted to take a moment
to share some exciting developments and projects happening right
here at Proprint.

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Proprint adds second high speed INCA digital press to it’s production floor

A dynamic digital duo

For over 5 years, Proprint has pushed the limits of speed and quality with their INCA S40 digital flatbed press. The results have been so successful for their clients that they decided to double down. The installation of their INCA R40i is a game changer for clients looking for speed and quality to get them into the retail market.

Doubling down on performance.

The INCA R40i is an 8 colour press (CMYK + light cyan and magenta). The light C/M enables us to print very high quality images such as food or fashion. It’s something that needs to be seen to appreciate. And those who have seen it, appreciate the difference.

White and Orange are the other 2 colours. At a sheet size of 63” x 123” we can print on 100 lb paper, corrugate, foam core, styrene or any number of substrates. Together, these 2 digital flatbed presses are the perfect team.

Take a closer look for yourself:



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The Fujifilm PlateRite 8600N-S Plate Processor

Retail POS Equipment Profile


Proprint is always looking for ways to pass value on to their clients. That means investing in state-of-the-art retail print production technology. The Fujifilm PlateRite 8600N-S falls into that category. Not only because it does an excellent job of processing plates for offset printing, but it does so with very little environmental impact. Something that’s also important to Proprint and their clients.

Impressive capabilities


Speed, Quality and Dependability all rolled into one


How does it work?

Simply put: Tin / Aluminum alloy coated plates go in one end and perfectly laser etched impressions for each colour come out the other. Each plate goes on to be applied to drums for offset printing. It makes the entire process seem so simple. But under the hood, a complex symphony of stages bring it all together. It’s actually really interesting to watch it work.

Check out this custom wall diagram

The best way for everyone to understand it’s functionality was to illustrate it. So the Proprint Design and Production Teams did just that. *(4′ x 16′)


In the old days, this process used to take weeks. The Fujifilm PlateRite 8600N-S eliminates the lengthy wait to get projects to the finish line faster. Learn more about this incredible machine here.


I know we’re not supposed to open our presents, but….

We accidentally put it together.

This time of year, the temptation to open your gifts early is sometimes quite overwhelming. And so, once someone had poked a hole in the wrapping paper and saw all the shiny buttons – well, we kind of “lost it”. Sorry. It happens sometimes.
But what’s done is done. Naughty or Nice, we just couldn’t resist the urge get it all set up for 2015.

Some Assembly Required

You want to see it? It came with action figures and cool set of stickers:


What’s inside these mysterious boxes?

Wouldn’t you like to know

On Friday, there was a knock on the back door. And when we answered it, all we can say is that we felt like kids again.

We knew that in 2015, to service the level of clientele that we do. We would need some heavy hitters to get the job done. And get it done right.

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The YoungShin Giant SA2100

Equipment profile

At a max sheet size of 83” x 60”. The “Giant” truly lives up to it’s name. But this big fella has more than size going for it. When it comes to high-speed die cutting presses – there is no equal. 

This impressive press is extremely precise and runs at speeds of a dependable 2500 sheets per hour. With full triple action automatic stripping, this die cutter is a welcome addition to any printer’s finishing efficiencies.

Fee Fei Foe Fum

Young Shin Giant


The bigger they come the better they cut

We had to get a look at one for ourselves. And we found one knocking out projects at Proprint. You gotta see this thing go, it’s really impressive.
The highly skilled Proprint Pressmen and Presswomen proudly pointed out some of the secret weapons on this beautiful beast. And you can tell by the way that spoke about it and handled it that there was some genuine respect between man and machine.

Richard Krakower of Proprint has really done his homework when selecting equipment to put to work for his clients. With 20 years of Point of Sale Production behind him, Richard has earned an industry reputation for investing in people and technology that you can depend on.

And there’s no doubt he had to pull out a measuring tape just to see if this Clydesdale would even fit on the floor.
– It did. And now, it’s pulling it’s weight for some of North America’s top retail brands.
“The Giant” (as it is lovingly referred to on the production floor) has been challenged with some large quantities and creative tasks. Hitting targets and exceeding client expectations.

Young Shin Giant

Young Shin Giant


“The brands we service require Large Volumes, Quick Turnaround and Top Quality Retail POS Production. The YoungShin Giant SA2100 allows us to deliver all three – on time and on budget.”

Richard Krakower
Proprint Services Inc.


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