Trade Show Booth Design and Production Services

Proprint is building relationships at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Buildings Show is one of the highlights of the year for us. We get a chance to reacquaint ourselves with old friends, as well as shake some hands with the people behind the ever-changing face of this city. We never miss it.

This year, we decided to step up our game and design a trade show display that showcased what we do and who we do it for. What better way to do this than by making it out of the very materials we specialize in (printed substrates). We treated our own brand like a case study. We wanted to show a clear path from friendly introduction to project discussion.

Our positioning for this show is clear. We offer:

Printing Services for Builders, Real Estate Marketers and Designers

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Peckish Bird Seed Packaging Design

Shohaib Iqbal took on a personal project where he went to the supermarket to find something inexpensive on the shelves, take it home, and completely redesign the packaging so that the product could be sold for double the price.


He took three types of birds and based the packaging colours around them in order to make variations of his design. I think we can all agree that Shohaib’s design is a much more elegant and minimalistic design compared to the current one.


Chipotle-mexican-grill-commercial-pos-display-blog-post-creative-retail-point-of-sale-group-page fruit-juice-drink-box-packaging-pos-display-blog-post-creative-retail-point-of-sale-group-page

Great Retail POS Production requires a clear mind


Most New Years resolutions fizzle out by now.
We decided to kick ours into gear today.

Working with a diverse range of retail brands requires us to accumulate allot of product. We use it to test our structural and creative designs.
But that product has really built up over time into something quite overwhelming.

We test our retail point of sale display designs with real product

Over time, the room where we keep these products has become more of a store room and less of a place of inspiration. Inspiration is what we’re aiming for this year.


If it’s one thing we know about, it’s how to make brands shine

The consensus was unanimous: It was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work proving it.


We removed all of the chocolate, cookies, pasta, gum and candies.
Then one by one. We put it all back.

Look at where we ended up.
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Thanks for a great 2014

It’s been an exciting year filled with engaging examples of Retail Point of Sale Production

We’ve done our best over the first couple months of this project to round up content that applies to you. Designing Retail Point of Sale Displays and Packaging requires skill and experience. But it also requires one extremely important ingredient: Inspiration.

Could you use a little retail inspiration right about now?

Check out our:
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Mondelēz International “rings the bell” on Back to School Snacks

Retail Point of Sale Students – Take your seats

One of the great things about Mondelēz International, that we have come to admire, is their approach to retail POS. While other brands fight amongst each other to stand out on the shelves, others park themselves front and centre. That’s what’s happening here.

All aboard.

All aboard.

Mondelēz does not ask to be part of the back to school snack category. They claim it.

Second year running

Something must be working right. Last year’s design has been taken up a notch with the addition of the adorable Minions from the Despicable Me franchise.
If you have kids, chances are you have heard your fare share of minion impersonations around the house.

Never underestimate the retail power of cuteness

We saw one of these retail displays being set up

So we stuck around to see how it looked…
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Food Brand Map

See how it all connects

Click the image below to see where some of Today’s most popular and well-known food brands fit. You may be surprised. It’s interesting to see them organized in this diagram.