Chipotle Mexican Grill Commercial (Video)

A Love Story

After hundreds of thousands of people turning their backs on Chipotle Mexican Grill, thanks to outbreaks of norovirus and salmonella, they had to find a way to redeem their customer service. They explained what exactly happened and what caused these problems to occur. Then, Chipotle sought out to find newer and fresher ingredients to use when making their delicious food. A year later, they are back on the market with safe and delicious ingredients that have been tested and closely watched for your protection and theirs.

Want to see more short stories like this one? check out Chipotle’s Youtube page here.




Since the outbreak, Chipotle has also come up with a new packaging style which has a more Mexican grill feel to it including lucidores and simple patterning. I think it is great that they are trying to remake their brand and restaurant without fully destroying the company before the outbreak.

But Chipotle isn’t the only company that has changed their identity to gain customer service. McDonald’s has redesigned their take out packaging to invite more customers and appeal to a different audience.

McDonald’s Packaging:


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