Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations Point of Sale Display

Eye-catching Summer POS

When you think about Summer, you can’t help but to think about ice cream. Chips Ahoy has launched a delicious selection of Ice Cream Creations cookies (and complimenting POS) intended on stopping consumers in their tracks. And their efforts may be doing just that.
Sales are up and shoppers are reacting enthusiastically to this energetic POS.


We all scream for Ice Cream

Maximizing the retail footprint

Capitalizing on the use of Chips Ahoy‘s adorable cookie characters, the Proprint Design Team has placed them behind a traditional ice cream cart. Inviting consumers to give into their curiosity and Summer ice cream memories. We expect to see these delicious fellas leveraged in the future.

Ice Cream Inspired Cuteness



End Aisle POS Display

Chips Ahoy is a brand that resonates with consumers. It is a treat associated with fun, friendship and sharing.


Front and reverse POS views


Pallet Displays

Oreo Wonderfilled – Television Commercials

Oreo Wonderfilled – Television Commercials