Christie “Easter Entertaining Made Easy” Point of Sale

The recipe for great moments

Christie crackers provide just the right amount of crunch and flavour to make simple snacks, great ones. Both Ritz and Triscuit offer a wide variety of complimentary recipes on This POS sets the tone for the Season and points consumers in the right direction.


Entertaining colour pallet

Pastel-toned rustic wood, complimented with a subtle framing of coloured eggs. What could be more reminiscent of Easter? A great reminder for shoppers who need to plan ahead for Holiday visitors.


Recipe focused point of sale

Mondelēz knows that the key to consumer engagement lies in appetizing photography. They pay close attention to the lighting and styling of their snacks. The POS design supporting it is accented with elegant typesetting and clear messaging.



Easter Retail Archway

When it comes to Easter, few brands connect with consumers like Cadbury. They have a long history of quality chocolate treats. The Cadbury Easter Creme Egg has become a symbol for this retail window. Check out the point of sale display here:


  • vectorvault

    This is adorable. Very interesting to see the process to make one of these things. I’m going to take a closer look next time. Cool!