Colour Names Around the World

When we think of colour, we think of the Rainbow, the colour spectrum, emotions and objects that are expressed. Did you know that not all languages have the same number of basic colour categories?  Some languages like Russian have a whopping 12 basic colour categories whereas, Whobe only have 3: Kpe, Pluu, Sain.

How to Determine Colour

Everyone knows that all languages have different words for different colours, but most of those names are actually objects or emotions that better the colour. A big question discussed in this video include how to determine what colours get names at all. How do we determine what colours we refer to or how to categorise things in the real world in words.  This is because Colour is a spectrum. there is no grid giving us specific colours to choose from, so people just chose at random what colours they referred to causing languages to miss many identifiable colours and would generalise them into bigger categories like light, dark, and red.

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