Creative Studio – Revamp

Proprint freshens up their Creative / Stuctural Design Departments

The problem with being so good at what you do,
is that you rarely have time to apply those skills to yourself.

Our area of expertise just so happens to be creating retail displays and environments that make you stop and take notice. So, in between projects this Summer, we decided to make our Creative and Structural Design areas more functional and inviting.


Clean and Fresh

This is where our Retail POS Displays are designed. Over time, this space can get cluttered with past projects. We decided to feature the ones that we take the most inspiration from in our main showroom. We created framed 3D renderings for some of our favourite displays and then lined our halls with them.


We wanted a Creative Studio that was easy on the eyes but also interesting to look at and inviting to visit.
We made the time to re-imagine what that space could be, then we applied ourselves to bring it to life.
The Digital Production Department found the windows in our print schedule to make it all happen (without effecting any other projects).


This is what it used to look like below.
With a a little colour and some imagination it has taken on a whole new feeling.
A nice environment that feels – Creative.

If you have a Retail Print Production project that you would like to discuss, drop by and tell us about it.