Edition Toronto International Art Book Fair

Supporting creativity, one page at a time

The second /edition Art Book Fair brings together 60 Canadian and international exhibitors, presenting a wide range of art-related publications and limited edition artworks. Visitors to 2 ⁄ edition will continue to have their eyes and minds opened to alternative ways of looking at and collecting art.

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The importance of print

As Print and Signage Sponsor, Proprint is honoured to be involved with this event. They have built a reputation for providing dependable printing services to the literary and artistic community for over 25 years.

A real page-turner

Canadian still-life and conceptual photographer Nik Mirus contributed some striking images that ask the viewer to write their own story. An open-invitation to come see it for yourself.

Just what is it about Print?

There is a sense of comfort in knowing that words are real. That visuals can be touched and in turn, touch the audience themselves. For a printer, it is a responsibility to match the colours and crispness of the artist’s vision or intention. But it is the work itself, contained within the pages of a book that no blog post could ever match (*even this one).

There is just something about the feel of a well-printed piece. The way that it smells and even the weight of it in your hands. In this world of digital design, print keeps us grounded to each other and the stories that we capture on pages to share.

Richard Krakower
Proprint Services Inc.

Printed Displays and Invitations

Proprint was tasked with producing some vibrant large and small scale pieces. For this job, they selected the INCA R40i Digital Flatbed Press for it’s accurate colour matching and large-format capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about this incredible machine, you can read more here:

Structural Design

Happily Ever After

In the end, this series of displays and invitations turned out really well. Thoughtfully typeset and designed. Printed with equal care.

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