Esko Hosts 3rd annual Honours Course – Belgium


Photographed by Sabrina Cee

Belgium, Netherlands.

An enlightening experience

While doing my internship at Proprint Sevices, I was invited to attend the Esko 3rd annual Flexographic Packaging honours course in Ghent, Belgium. The course lasted 2 weeks and provided me with the opportunity to learn and explore Esko’s latest and greatest software, as well as experience the small city of Ghent and all it has to offer. With a population of around 260 000 people, the city of Ghent has a lot of history and was once the largest and richest city in all of Europe. The gothic architecture, beautiful cobblestone roads, bike lanes and delicious food are just some of the draws this wonderful city has to offer. The Belgian waffles, chocolate as well as the homemade jenever served at Dreupelkot were some of my favourites!

Photographed by Sabrina Cee

Exchanging ideas

This Event was organised by Artevelde University College situated just outside of the city and was represented by Mr Luc Berth.  Artevelde is a graphic and digital media school where students can explore videography, photography, graphic design, and printing press work. Students can do an exchange from all over the world and attend this magnificent school with tonnes of resources and expertise in the aforementioned industries.  Thanks to the ties with Esko and the use of their products at their school, this program is now celebrating its 3rd year in existence. While attending this course I met some very interesting people and made strong friendships and connections with people from all over the world, like Sweden and Slovenia.

Photographed by Sabrina Cee

A day in the life

My days would start with a commute to the Esko Headquarters where we would all meet in a lounge (with free coffee!)  Then, when everyone had arrived, we would move into the computer lab where lectures and tutorials about the newest Esko software in flexible packaging as well as printing processes and considerations were presented. In the first week, Esko Deskpack and Studio were focused and, in my opinion,  some of the coolest things I have worked with in my printing and packaging career. During the second week, colour theory, workflow systems, and the flexo plate making process were focused with passionate presenters who had a strong knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of companies today.  On top of the classes, we visited 3 different printing companies for tours and a quick education on the plate and print production process, including finishing and coating machines. 

Pushing software and equipment to new heights

After working with the software and seeing the application in real world settings, I see many more possibilities for companies to increase profit and sustainability on top of cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Many printing companies are unaware of the innovation in the industry and like to do things “the old fashioned way” because it still works. Some of the most expensive aspects of printing are the stock costs and the ink. The possibilities to reduce press set up and clean up can be scaled down and the costs for ink and substrates can decrease by changing minor methods to the printing processes. I found this very interesting and am continuing to research and develop my skills in these fields to help print houses and production companies do the best that they can, keeping their clients and profits up.

Thanks for making it happen

This was an amazing experience and would not be possible without my new friend, Mr. Luc Berth and Jan De Roeck, director of solutions management at Esko. Without them, this experience would not have been possible and definitely not as successful as it was. I am continuing my studies and working experiences with all that was taught in mind and I can’t wait to learn more. This truly was an experience of a lifetime.

A big fan of ESKO

Here at Proprint, I’ve had the opportunity to watch ESKO equipment in action first hand. They are reliable and very fast. Two great qualities to have when producing retail point of sale displays.