FAQs about Retail Point of Sale Production

faqs - retail POS production

Do you have questions about POS production?


Where can I get Retail Point of Sale material produced?

The contents of this blog are derived from the experience of Proprint Services Inc. If you are looking to expand on any of the answers listed here, please feel free to start a conversation. With over 25 years of experience behind them, they are a great place to start.


Is it expensive to produce Retail P.O.S.?

The short answer is “Yes”. It can be. But it doesn’t have to be if you approach a project correctly. The ones who spend money wastefully on Point of Sale Displays or Packaging are usually the ones who blindly follow what’s been done before. That’s not the way to do it.
The industry and technology changes too quickly. You have to work with producers who are aware of cost-saving opportunities and who know how to capitalize on them for their clients.

Your expenditure also depends on the scale of the project. To keep costs down, ensure that you involve your printer early on in the development. They will have an easier time maximizing a budget at the beginning to ensure that your marketing dollars work harder for you.

“The closer you start to the finish line, the more money you save in the end.”


How do I know when to update my packaging?

That decision used to be driven entirely by focus groups. Today, we have more sophisticated tools that help to determine when you need to “freshen things up”. Metrics combined with solid trend data leads to magnetic packaging.
Branding is an ongoing task that needs to evolve with the market. Even the most recognizable and established brands can no longer rely entirely on consumer familiarity. They need to make adjustments along the way. And in some circumstances, a complete overhaul is required.
Knowing when to do that comes with experience.


Do I need to work with a design studio, ad agency and printer to get a brand into market?

Well, you do need the technology, manpower and skills of all three. But you may not require three payments.
If you can, find a company that can provide a diverse range of services under one roof. That way, budgets can be maximized.
It also makes the process of production smoother if the stages of retail POS Production happen within a dedicated team rather than between multiple companies.
If you are mandated to work between companies, search for suppliers that “play nice”. Remember: Team players hit targets and exceed expectations.

“Great communication is the bridge between people and the fruition of ideas.”


What if my branding is not fully developed? Is it too early to speak to a P.O.S. Design Team?

No. In fact, you may not be as far off as you think. It’s better to involve an experienced Point of Sale Representative as early on as possible. Before you spend another dime on branding, take a closer look at how it will ultimately be used and where. In the long run, you’ll save yourself time and money.



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