Kraft Dinner – Let Your Fun Out

Having a fun Summer? Kraft is.

Kraft Dinner is still knocking our socks off with some great retail POS and commercials like this one. This is a brand that always over-delivers at retail because it has an established voice. It identifies with the young and the ones who grew up with KD*.

*If you are reading this post internationally, please consult the closest Canadian to explain the cultural and emotional significance of Kraft Dinner.

Loosen your fancy ties. Put down those shiny staplers. It’s time to let your fun out.

Read more about this campaign here.

Kraft Dinner has street cred

Consistent packaging and brand colours have always caught Mom’s eye, and secured a place for this cheesy delectable on her shopping list. Kids dig it. And it’s a smart choice that consumers have come to know and trust.
As their demographic has grown, KD has grown along with them. A clever strategy that expands their appeal beyond just kids. Their brand tone and humour reflects that.
They are claiming the fun of youth. Not a bad attribute to hang your hat on.

Don’t argue with the horse. He knows what he’s talking about.

KD Packaging is recognizable


They dominate on shelf

The go-to snack

It fuels late night study sessions and lunchtime breaks. The packaging has adapted with the market. Kraft has managed to maintain their image. Shoppers like that. It shortens their decision time when they pass the KD Display. It’s a familiar face (with a makeover).



This one will stick to the roof of your mouth. I promise.

Kraft Displays are magnetic at retail

Moving boxes into baskets isn’t easy to do. But Kraft seems to make it look easy. They design thoughtful retail display units that maximize the space that they occupy. They are a brand that pay attention to consumers. They listen and it pays off.

Kraft understands the importance of employing the right balance of retail pos production expertise and instinct.


Kraft really knows how to make the most of a retail footprint.

Oreo Wonderfilled – Television Commercials

Oreo Wonderfilled – Television Commercials


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    I like the TV spot. Cute.