Kraft Holiday Point of Sale Displays

This retail execution is sweet

The Holidays are approaching fast. With it, a wave of festive retail displays.
Consumers have come to trust brands to not only provide delicious options for entertaining, but also everyday solutions that put smiles on little faces.
Kraft not only understands this concept, they pioneered it.


Gingerbread can be a production material

Holiday retail displays need to work harder that most. Everyone is trying to pull your eyes in their direction with strong calls to action. This charming pair of unique gingerbread book case toppers speak louder than words.
Kraft has built a reputation for capturing family memories at the table. This delicious P.O.S. display magnetizes the products under it’s roof and really draws you in to investigate them.


Flexible and Creative

We love a great Retail Point of Sale design execution as much as the next person. But what really inspires us is when we see how the markets use them. That is where the excitement comes from – teamwork.
We are constantly amazed at the creative configurations that retailers come up with. It’s a cooperation between the brand, the retail point of sale producer and the retail staff. When all three get on the same page, the results are magical.


Turn key solutions that work

Using their existing bookcase displays, Kraft has found a way to make a real impact at the grocery. And that’s not easy this time of year. But they’ve done it, quite effectively.
Wait a second –

Are those Kraft Dinner Noodles on the roof?!



Reaching consumers through emotion


Tested in the field

Shoppers need to identify with these displays. But so do kids.
When we set this unit up in our high tech testing facility, the reaction was positive.
Within 10 minutes, Barbie had already signed a condo lease.



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  • vectorvault

    The Kraft Dinner Noodles on the roofs are a cool touch. Cute and festive.