Kraft Project Play Retail POS Displays


Program runs May 1 – June 14

Kraft Project Play is helping to build a better future by building better places to play. To help bring this exciting initiative to life, Proprint was tasked with designing a series of Retail Point of Sale displays to engage consumers and drive traffic to the program. It was a fun project to design – and it shows.
Starting May 1st – be sure to check out our displays in your local grocery stores across Canada.


About this program


Kraft Project Play is an evolution of the Kraft Celebration Tour. Over the past six years, Kraft Celebration Tour has awarded $1,575,000 to help communities build better places to play. With Kraft Project Play, we’ve reinvigorated the program and reallocated funds for improvements in recreation facilities so that we’re able to make tangible and measureable differences in communities across Canada.

“This was a chance to bring the concept of “Play” to life. What could be more fun than that?”



After a few rounds of sketches, the Proprint Structural Department and the Proprint Creative Engine began shaping ideas. They started with a long list of activities and sports that centred around having fun, getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors.
To help get in the spirit of this project, the Proprint Team made a couple of trips to local parks and playgrounds – Not only to see what kids loved to do, but also to get a chance to kick around a soccer ball and toss a frisbee. It was just the inspiration required to score with this project.
Research is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.


Bookcase Toppers

Kraft is a well-known brand with a special place in the hearts of Canadians. Instead of steering the creative to a place where logos outweigh the message, they decided to put the spirit of the program front and centre. And it pays off.
By evoking the “spirit of play”, Kraft has attached those warm feelings to the products contained within the retail bookcase beneath.


Tennis / Playground

Each topper is split into two adorable mini dioramas.


Soccer / Basketball

Kraft insisted on details. They wanted something memorable, and they achieved it.

Creative Design

Structural design and Creative go hand in hand. The Proprint Client Services Team was challenged both to come up with efficient and eye-catching executions for this program. Together, they sourced images that could be merged to tell the story. In addition to the Kraft product line, this promotion plays with two of the most popular Summer products of them all: Fresh Air and Fun.



Retail POS Showstopper

Kraft also required a piece that would stop shoppers in their tracks. What Proprint came up with was a three dimensional pillar that contained lug-ons and die cut pop-offs. An excellent use of the retail footprint to drive home the message that Kraft is all about Play.


Retail Point of Sale Display Production

The timing was tight on this one, but not impossible. The Proprint Production Team use a time-proven process to minimize (and in some circumstances, eliminate) the chance of error. The production of these displays, came with some “curve balls”, but each were identified and adjusted. The result: Vibrant POS delivered on-time.
Great Retail Point of Sale Production comes from great communication and teamwork. Kraft Project Play is an excellent example of that.

About this exciting program

Kraft Project Play is helping to build a better future by building better places to play: because stronger communities start with better places to play.
The grand prize winner will receive $250,000 for their recreational facility upgrade and the three second-prize winners will each receive $25,000. Nominate your community project today at

Through Kraft Project Play, we are committed to ensuring Canadians have more places to play. We’ve restructured our investment with an eye on making more impact in communities. We’ve narrowed the finalists from 10 down to four and will support projects from start to finish.

A panel of judges will select the top four communities based on a pre-determined set of criteria, which includes the community’s commitment to sport, recreation and active living; a strong demonstration of community spirit; the impact of the community project and use of funding; and the overall creativity and effort of the submission.
Canadians can then vote for their favourite community, narrowing the field to one. The grand prize winner will receive a quarter of a million dollars for their recreational facility upgrade and the three second-prize winners will each receive $25,000.

Canadians love Kraft for a reason.


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