Labatt Blue Thousand Islands Bridge POS Display

Labatt Breweries has been shaped by nearly 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where they operate. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to capturing the attentions of localized markets, they excel at it.

Local appeal

For a strategically-selected region of retailers around the Thousand Islands area, Labatt wanted to reproduce the look of the iconic Thousand Islands Bridge by incorporating it into an engaging store display series.

This was a small local program (under 50 units) for the Thousand Islands area to showcase Labatt Blue.
Structurally and artistically created by our in house team based upon replicating the iconic Alexandria Bridge that spans the US – Canada border at the thousand islands.
Digitally printed in sections on the INCA S40 large format flatbed printer. Die cut on the Kongsberg cutting table. Easily put together at the retail level by following an enclosed instruction sheet.

This POS assembly included Case Cards and a Base Wrap to help retailers enhance the display area. See more examples here.