Lego Retail Augmented Reality Kiosks


Packaging and POS working together

Nobody does it quite like Lego. And if you had the pleasure of going into a Lego retail store, you know the excitement around their product display terminals. They have allowed the contents of their packaging to literally come alive on the box itself. It’s really quite something.

Mobile Aaplication

Using a simple set of coding, customers are able to download the lego app or use the camera in-store to hover over the page or box for the augmented reality to commence.  We then see the 3-dimensional moving image of the products you are looking at. This allows the customer to have a full feel of what the item will look like or what other possible things they can build using that same set.


But this is only one way the augmented reality works…


Another way this amazing app works is when you create something out of lego, you can scan it into a virtual world and play with it in motion without the fear of breaking it. The same goes for if I create and entire town out of lego, the app with be able to bring my town to life. The reason we love this so much is because it allows our imagination to run wild while building or creating and then the app can bring it to life as we imagined it in our heads. It keeps us and our children creative and playing without the fear of breaking or damaging.


You like that?

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