Life Water’s New Zero Plastic Approach

Beverage Brand takes Plastic Waste Seriously

Life Water has announced that it will be utilizing new packaging this Spring.  The Spring Water
will be available in a canned format – 100% recyclable and BPA free! – beginning in May 2018.

Changing the Landscape One Bottle at a Time

Life Water is committed to ridding our planet of single use water bottles, which would
dramatically reduce plastic waste. Life Water’s goal is to make an environmental difference,
and they feel that this new packaging will be a huge step in the right direction towards decreasing the
amount of plastic waste found within the ocean.

Helping Communities Around the World

A portion of proceeds from Life Water purchases will go directly to the non-profit organization Drop4Drop who
is committed to providing communities around the world with clean drinking water.

It’s great to see companies doing their part to help make our Earth a cleaner more livable
planet. Did you know that 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic currently reside within the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch? We must all begin to think critically and creatively to come up with environmentally
friendly alternatives and solutions to help alleviate the environmental burden our planet faces.