Mississauga Food Bank – Custom Wall Art – (VIDEO)

Proprint was tasked to come up with an inspiring piece of art that celebrated the efforts of The Mississauga Food Bank. The theme was simple, focus on what the TMFB provides to the community: Good, nutritious food.


Check out the video:

OUR VISION: A Mississauga where no one goes hungry

Layers of colour

The Proprint Structural Department created the die lines for the Creative Department to dress with graphics. They selected a beautiful photo from which to separate and elevate pieces of fruit and vegetables creating a textured end result. The raised surface is far more captivating than a simple poster. This place required something special.

For this project, the Digital Production team selected our INCA R40i Digital Flatbed Press to do the heavy lifting, chosen for its large format capabilities and incredible quality.  The Speed of this press was also a factor because as usual we were working with the client’s timeline.

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Retail Point of Sale

Proprint is a retail point of sale production company. Their expertise lies in bringing products (and produce) to life with eye-catching displays and packaging.


In addition to growing hydroponic vegetables and farming fish (on site), the TMFB takes in a large amount of donated food from individuals and businesses. It was really wonderful to see the teamwork that is involved to get the food into the right hands.

Fresh food. Fresh Environment.

It was also really great to see the effect that this piece of custom art had on the environment and the people who make this non-profit work.

“We had a very loose idea of what we wanted.
We never expected how great it would turn out.
We’re all very happy with it. Great teamwork!”

Candace Jarvis

and Human Resources Manager
The Mississauga Food Bank

Learn more about The Mississauga Food Bank.

Meghan Nicholls
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In addition,

*A $200 donation has also been made to The Mississauga Food Bank.

We double dare you to get involved.

: )