Mondelēz Holiday POS 2016

Festive retail point of sale displays

The Holiday Season is an exciting one. Retail stores try to keep pace with the needs of their customers, and brands try to stand out amongst the vibrant colours and messaging. This is a very competitive time of year, that requires a thoughtful approach.

This year, Mondelēz has focused their attention on the magic of entertaining. Their displays feature a handful of engaging recipes that are selected to evoke curiosity and engagement. Proprint was tasked with the design and production of this series.

The gingerbread before the frosting

The structural design team created a custom double bookcase header and side panels to add festive flare to existing POS displays. As part of their usual approach, each component was designed to be easy to assemble.


Visions of sugarplums

The Mondelēz brand team envisioned a striking set of displays. Not only with vibrant colours, but dimension as well. They guided rounds of illustrations that led to 3D renderings and eventually production art.


Several pieces coming together

Each retail POS kit was delivered with a simple set of printed instructions, and as an added support, Proprint produced a step by step assembly video to ensure easy activation.



Multiple sizes for multiple retail footprints


Recipes to brighten the Holidays

The secret to capturing the attention of a consumer does not lie in branding alone; providing options for how to enjoy products is key, especially this time of year.

Mondelēz has already built a diverse database of creative recipes. This latest Holiday Point of Sale series brings 4 of its most popular combinations to the forefront.
Proprint was tasked with designing the recipe pads. Designed to capture attention, the pads were collated and feature 4 different recipes.


Seasons Greetings

When designing and producing effective retail point of sale, you not only have to think about the customers you want to reach, but how they will experience the displays. You want to get your consumers excited about the products that the displays are promoting. Judging by the expressions and arrangements we have seen so far, it’s fair to say that this program has been a Seasonal success.