Mondelēz International “rings the bell” on Back to School Snacks

Retail Point of Sale Students – Take your seats

One of the great things about Mondelēz International, that we have come to admire, is their approach to retail POS. While other brands fight amongst each other to stand out on the shelves, others park themselves front and centre. That’s what’s happening here.

All aboard.

All aboard.

Mondelēz does not ask to be part of the back to school snack category. They claim it.

Second year running

Something must be working right. Last year’s design has been taken up a notch with the addition of the adorable Minions from the Despicable Me franchise.
If you have kids, chances are you have heard your fare share of minion impersonations around the house.

Never underestimate the retail power of cuteness

We saw one of these retail displays being set up

So we stuck around to see how it looked…


Prepping Moms for the new school year

P.O.P. Online cub reporter (and Super-Mom) Natalie saw one of these school buses being set up at her local grocery. This is what she observed:

“I was just about to walk by, when the minions caught my eye. My kids are crazy about those characters.
I was really surprised at just how fast it was set up. Before I knew it they were attaching Maynads (my favourite) to the sides and filling the top with cookies.
They topped the main bin with assorted boxes. By the time I finished my rounds in the aisles, it was fully assembled and by cart had some new back to school snacks in it.”

Natalie Jarvis

* Proprint always supplies photographic instruction sheets and videos to help make the assembly of it’s displays a snap.

Delivering a box of flat pieces to put together is not the finish line. Proprint knows this.
In order to work the way that it was meant to, a retail POS display has to be functional on the floor before it can even begin to measure success. And that comes by moving products and strengthening consumer perception about the brand itself. Mondelēz is on track to do both this season.


A great use of a retail pallet footprint

Mondelēz capitalizes on it’s brand properties and characters

And why not? They have an abundance to draw from. Not every brand can say that.


Kids love back to school snacks – and they LOVE this display


Kids love this thing

Someone put the extra time into the visual details of this bus. These thoughtful touches tell a story about the brand and the contents of the display. When the kids stop to look. So does Mom. Well done Mondelēz.


Taking competitors in this category “to school”

“When we designed this retail bus display, we approached it with 2 objectives in mind. The first was to house and move products. The other was to make Moms and kids stop in their tracks. We added a stop sign to do just that.”

This is a fun brand

Want to see what they did last year?

Mondelēz doesn’t ask permission from the teacher. They just park themselves as a category leader. Here’s another blog post about the first phase of this program. It did really well. Not only in sales, but in overall creativity and detail. Their efforts have obviously resonated with shoppers and kids.

My kids want to empty this sucker out and right there in the snack aisle, then climb into it. Not kidding.

Mondelēz is “ringing the competition’s bell” when it comes to “Back to School Snacks”. Click the image above to see what I’m talking about.


Barbie knows a thing or two about taking off at retail

Here’s a little inspiration from a stylish lady with a knack for standing out:


Mattel prepares for take-off


We love retail POS Production. Always have. Always will.

  • vectorvault

    I’ve seen a few buses, trucks etc attempted before. But this one looks great. Very vibrant and detailed. The ‘Minions” are the cherry on top. As far as POS goes. This one is pretty good.