Mondelēz invites you to experience the “magique” of Carnaval

Winter Wonderland

For over 60 years now, the Québec Winter Carnival has been a tradition that attracts tourism from around the world. While some aim to survive the season, others celebrate it. In Canada, it is known from coast to coast. It’s part of a larger national identity that has a reputation for wonderful memories.

For 15 years, The Mondelēz family of brands have been sponsors of this magical event. And once again, they are inviting others to be a part of it with an exciting French retail promotion. Proprint was asked to design the creative and produce a series of retail POS displays.


Learn more about the History of Carnaval here.

Bonhomme welcomes you

The Québec Winter Carnival has gained international fame over the years through its renowned key figure, Bonhomme Carnaval. Famous personality of the celebration, Bonhomme Carnaval is a recurring figure during all the activities. He is a living replica of the snowmen that enchanted children of Québec City for generations. Bonhomme is the ambassador of this celebration to foreigners and he is the symbol of the festivities during this joyous period of the year. Bonhomme proudly wears the traditional red hat and belt. Bonhomme was created in 1954 and since 1955, the date of the first annual edition of the Carnival, he has personified the “joie de vivre” associated with this winter celebration.


Retail Point of Sale





Point of Purchase Displays

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