Mondelēz aims for gold with Olympics 2016 Team Canada retail POS

Retail Archway

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio beginning on Friday August 5, Mondelēz International is celebrating it’s support of Team Canada with some striking POS. And front and centre is a dramatic retail POS archway radiating Canadian Pride. It was designed to span the width of a pallet or two bookcases.

Canadian pride

Mondelēz understands their consumers well. They know how they feel about the Olympics and they join them in support of Team Canada. What a tremendous way to express that in market. Colourful. Simple and Impactful.


Adopted by the markets

Nothing makes a point of sale designer happier than seeing retailers successfully assemble and use a display properly. It’s confirmation that the process works. But what we really love is seeing the creative ways that markets put their own expression into the program. Consumers pick up on that level of involvement. It makes them curious about the brands and what they stand for.

These are great:

retail pos-Mondelez-international-blog-posts


Go Team Canada

The archway is supported by a wide range of secondary (but important) POS tools. Header cards, Bookcase wraps, wobblers, and tent toppers. Each carry vibrant imagery of Team Canada athletes and the invitation to participate in the excitement of the games with the Pride and Joy Podium Pursuit app.




Creative approach

Aside from a solid structural design, the archway is perfectly balanced aesthetically. And while the branding is certainly prominent, it takes second place to the athletes themselves. They are the heroes here. A strategic move that strengthens the branding even more.
Mondelēz offers it’s merchandisers tools that look good and work well.

You like that?

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  • Aidan Kahane

    Wow this is cool!! Super excited for the Olympics and why not sit and watch it while eating a delicious chocolate bar. Go Canada Go!

    • vectorvault

      Are you watching the games? Canada is off to a nice start.

  • vectorvault

    You can tell when a retail POS program is a success when you see arrangements like these. It looks like the retailer really got behind this one. Easy to set up. Modular and creative. Nicely done Proprint. We’ve got our eyes on you: