Nintendo Labo combines tech and papercraft

Fully Equipped for Fun

The endless amount of accessories that have come out for Nintendo products over the years is no doubt a testament to the companies creativity. It sent a message to gamers everywhere that Nintendo was interested in discovering new imaginative ways for people to play their games. You name the accessory, Nintendo had it.

Now it seems Nintendo is putting a spin on their accessory loving past, and taking product accessories in a whole new direction with the announcement of the new Nintendo Labo. The Nintendo Labo contains interesting features only seen thus far within Point of Sale development studios as well as other retail focused developers – and we here at love it! It is fantastic to see the power of dieline expanding and now finding its way into the games of our kids.

The Nintendo Labo is a Nintendo Switch powered DIY cardboard creativity kit. The Labo consists of two games each sold separately within two different kit bundles. The Variety Kit includes five different projects varying from a fishing rod, house, and motorbike, to remote controlled RC cars. The Robot Kit provides users with the ability to create their very own wearable exoskeleton.

The product is no gimmick as each of the cardboard accessories available is fully functional with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Concontrollers, even the Labo piano functions as intended by utilizing the Joy-Cons IR camera in order to figure out which notes are being played.

Kids have always really enjoyed building things whether it be with physically with Lego or virtually with Minecraft.  Now kids will be able to take their creativity to the next level by building their very own Nintendo accessories. Once the gaming community really begins to dig-in we might see the Labo head into new and even more exciting directions. For now the focus of Nintendo Labo is accessory oriented, however who knows what the future will hold?  Perhaps our kids will gain industry insights into Corrugate weight balance, POS (Point of Sale), and Retail displays.

The Labo enables kids to explore the way their devices work, learning aspects of engineering, and even how a dieline comes together in order to form a real world object, expand their creativity, and even take part in some basic programming. If you’re a parent looking to buy a gift for your child but want to ensure that they are receiving an educational experience, look no further than the Nintendo Labo.

The concern that Labo users would be limited to pre-packaged templates has been fully quashed by Nintendo. It was unveiled that Labo’s built in software will allow users to fully customize and tweak their inventions in order to bring whatever crazy ideas they can envision into fruition.


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