North York General Foundation Paper Holiday Ornaments

A direct mail series with heart

This year, McLoughlin Promotions tasked Proprint with designing 3 separate paper ornaments for the North York General Foundation; each needed to fit in a standard envelope, be easy to assemble and look festive.

Thoughtfully designed

The Structural Design Department started with an efficient outline. They wanted to make certain that the dimensions were maximized and that the die cuts were easy to pop out. Three different die lines were produced so that each ornament would have unique windows and doors.  A hole in the roof allows for feeding through an ornament hook, ribbon or string to hang.

Easy to Assemble

Getting this piece into the right hands is only a small part of it. Ensuring that it gets assembled correctly is equally important.

3 Unique designs

Each of these designs were mailed separately in hopes that once they were shared on social media, they would appear as part of a family. To unite their looks, all of the colours were extracted from the North York General Foundation logo. All 3 roofs were patterned with the logo as well.

A single ornament in this series was mailed to over 30,000 Toronto residents.

The North York General Hospital (NYGH) is one of Canada’s leading community academic hospitals. They provide an exceptional care experience for patients and their families, and have proudly served the diverse communities in North Toronto, and beyond, since 1968.

*The 2 photos below were illuminated with LED lights – NOT candles.

Happy Holidays from the North York General Foundation