Detergent Packaging with tear off scoop

Here’s the scoop!

When it comes to designing responsible retail packaging, you have to consider the environmental impact and usability. It’s just the right way to do it.


Smart and Simple.

Designers Yang Guo, Qiaoge Yang & Wenju Wu considered the contents and came up with a design that has really inspired some thinking here in the Proprint Creative Studio today.
I’m not entirely certain that consumers would forfeit their plastic scoops over night in favour of this design. But I do believe that there is a segment of the market that would consider trying it.


Is this the future of packaging?

Contained utensils in the packaging is so in step the packaging trends that we have observed and set. I wonder what other versions of this philosophy will show up on the shelves.



Environmentally considerate

Proprint is FSC certified.

Buncha Farmers Manuka Honey Soap Packaging

Clean and Fresh Packaging Design

Established in 2006, Buncha Farmers was comprised of a group of farmers and local artisans from the Greater Toronto Region, Durham and York areas of Central Ontario.
Their line of Manuka Honey soaps are all-natural and smell terrific.

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Kraft Dinner retro advertising and packaging


Take a tasty trip down memory lane

Kraft Dinner could very well be North America’s first convenience food. Preceding the TV dinner by nearly two decades, Kraft Dinner was first introduced to American test markets in 1936.

By 1937, the product was launched nationally across Canada and the United States, selling 9 million boxes in its first year. (That’s allot of noodles).

At Proprint, we love classic ads and retro retail packaging. So we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at some earlier examples of KD.

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Mountain Milk Packaging


Mountain Milk Packaging

A nostalgic twist on a classic product

If I woke up this morning and saw this at my doorstep, It would certainly make my day.
Everyone here in the design studio was really taken with it’s exquisite typesetting and cleanliness.
All in all – a home run.
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Beefeater 24 packaging

The classic London-based brand spreads it’s creative wings


We are fans of this approach

Gin and tonic is the usual drink of choice for many but what about Gin & Tea? Beefeater 24, Gin & Tea is inspired by the beauty of asian tea ingredients and the package design reflects ornate asian floral patterns. The gin bottle is contained in a box, that when opened is reminiscent of a traditional asian wooden fan.

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Packaging Colour vs. Product Colour

Bottoms up

It has been proven that appetite appeal is directly influenced by colour. Maybe not as literal as this example below, but something to think about.

When you open yourself to colour, you get noticed.

When approaching the packaging design for any consumable product line, you need to consider your brand colours. But never forget whats inside of the package.

The right colour combinations can trigger direct retail response.


How exactly?
Ask Proprint. They know all about it.

Adidas Soccer Ball Packaging

This design kicks

Adidas always seems to come up with unique approaches for their packaging. This one is simple and allows the ball to be the main focus. The handle is a nice touch too.


Adidas Soccer Ball Packaging

Low impact production. High impact design.

Adidas recently reengineered their approach to environmental management. As a continuation to this design strategy, a marketing campaign asking consumers to “grow the grass you play on” was put into effect. All packaging uses recycled content and seed-infused cardboard allowing the customers to plant their packaging after being purchased.


Grow the Grass You Play On

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NYC Pasta packaging

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere

Interesting how just a little paper, cut and folded in just the right way, make the most magical experiences happen on the shelves. Smart and creative.
The Big Apple sure is inspiring. Apparently, even when it comes to great packaging design.


It’s a hell of a town.

Imaginative solutions create memories

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