Nike Air Pillow Packaging


What else would it be wrapped in?

The packaging embodies the qualities of the product

Nike Air has always pushed the envelope with its branding and packaging. Here is a great example of both in one shot. Who needs a shoe box? – when you can walk out of the store carrying a transparent bubble of beauty. Love this one.
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Barbasol Retail Packaging


A modern twist on a classic barbershop brand

Sharp Branding. Smooth Approach.

For over 90 years Barbasol has been a common fixture in men’s barber shops and medicine cabinets. And as hairstyles have changed, along with it the packaging design. Here’s a modern spin on a classic can.
It’s a fine line between brand refreshment and brand abandonment. Barbasol got it right.
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Staples Paper Clip Shopping Bag


Paperclips still mean something in business. Even after all of this time.

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Nice one Staples. Simple and to the point. Just what we like to see when it comes to retail shopping bags.

If one of these passed me in a mall, you know what I would probably say to myself:

“I forgot to buy printer paper”

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Barbie Private Jet Retail Point of Sale Display

If Barbie knows one thing: it’s how to look great on the runway

Mattel Toys have faced challenges in recent years at retail. Especially due to the variety of high tech gizmos for kids on the market today. But that’s not enough to stop Barbie. She is resilient. And more stylish than ever. So rather than sink back onto the shelves with a number of other colourful boxes, she requests clearance from the tower.

Barbie lives in the virtual world as well. With online games and branding. But in order for Barbie to continue to succeed, she needs to anchor herself on store shelves. And in this case, with stunning pallet displays like this one.


Would you kindly take your seats please.

Mattel goes strong with engaging P.O.S. that kids love!

Paris Hilton has nothing on America’s original sweetheart. For over 50 years, she’s been an icon to little girls (and young boys too I suppose). She has weathered the political and cultural ebbs and flows of retail marketing. And as a brand, she’s a case study for navigating trends with success.


Barbie Private Jet Retail P.O.S. Display ( *Front view)

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