Barbie Private Jet Retail Point of Sale Display

If Barbie knows one thing: it’s how to look great on the runway

Mattel Toys have faced challenges in recent years at retail. Especially due to the variety of high tech gizmos for kids on the market today. But that’s not enough to stop Barbie. She is resilient. And more stylish than ever. So rather than sink back onto the shelves with a number of other colourful boxes, she requests clearance from the tower.

Barbie lives in the virtual world as well. With online games and branding. But in order for Barbie to continue to succeed, she needs to anchor herself on store shelves. And in this case, with stunning pallet displays like this one.


Would you kindly take your seats please.

Mattel goes strong with engaging P.O.S. that kids love!

Paris Hilton has nothing on America’s original sweetheart. For over 50 years, she’s been an icon to little girls (and young boys too I suppose). She has weathered the political and cultural ebbs and flows of retail marketing. And as a brand, she’s a case study for navigating trends with success.


Barbie Private Jet Retail P.O.S. Display ( *Front view)

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Cardboy Printer Ink Cartidges

These adorable little fellas are CMY OK with us

Taking advantage of the shape of these plastic printer cartridges, Cardboy has created some memorable brand characters. By simply adding some eyes to this foursome, this common office supply has been transformed into something cute and fun. Well done.

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Sketching out a Retail Point of Sale concept

Drawing out the details

Before any design finds its way into the Production Department, it usually gets drawn out on a piece of paper. Even in this seemingly high-tech industry, drawing still plays a role. It always has.


Ideas come to life on paper

Working with a team that has in-house illustration skills is an added advantage. And being able to immediately draw out a design for others in a briefing is a great way to save time and money. And what client doesn’t appreciate that?

Point of Sale design is all about maximizing a retail footprint. You only have a certain amount of space to work with. So in order to make your brand and and products stand out, you have to be able to quickly adjust your design until you get it right. That can take time.

Now some will say that a 3D computer application can do that job faster and more accurately. But in my experience, a good illustrator can get everyone at the table on the same page much faster. Once you have an agreement from that sketch, taking it to the next computer design stage is even easier.
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Don’t just promote your brand

Passion captures attention

Excitement can be Infectious

When approaching a branding project, it’s important to ask yourself what you love about the brand. What is it about your product that makes you feel good. Start there.
Amplifying product appeal requires a fine balance of skill and passion.
Get behind your brand. Get excited about it. You’ll find others on your team will pick up on that energy.
The ones that stand out on the shelf are the ones that generate emotion. Those are the boxes that end up in baskets.

“It’s okay to have butterflies. As long as they fly in formation.”

Katherine Hepburn