Trident and Dentyne take a “new twist” on Retail P.O.S.

Take this one for a spin

Traditional dump bins are common among skus that need to be piled into one location. They are usually easy to assemble and easy to fill. But the word “easy” was nowhere to be found on the briefing for this one.

Trident and Dentyne are two complimenting brands that like to turn their Retail Point of Sale positioning inside out from time to time (just to keep consumers engaged and on their toes). The result is a retail dump bin that is a little different than what consumers are accustomed to seeing.


Retail POS Twist Bin – Trident / Dentyne

Twist and shout

This innovative Retail P.O.S. Twist Bin is an eye-catching solution that is shoppable from all angles. It also carries strong branding areas in a relatively modest retail footprint. An abstract approach with strong retail impact. *Not to mention: Pretty cool to look at.


Always have. Always will.

P.O.P. Quiz : Sour Patch Kids

Do you remember this sweet classic?

Retail Packaging for candy is an ever-evolving process. It’s rare that you run across a collection of candy packaging that highlights this change. But we got lucky.
We stumbled upon this great post written by (candy historianJason Liebig about the packaging history of Sour Patch Kids. The pictures of these retro wrappers alone are worth a click. This one brought back some sweet memories.

Check this out :


Jaret International – Sour Patch Kids – candy package from trade ad – 1993

via: collectingcandy

Kraft Dinner – Let Your Fun Out

Having a fun Summer? Kraft is.

Kraft Dinner is still knocking our socks off with some great retail POS and commercials like this one. This is a brand that always over-delivers at retail because it has an established voice. It identifies with the young and the ones who grew up with KD*.

*If you are reading this post internationally, please consult the closest Canadian to explain the cultural and emotional significance of Kraft Dinner.

Loosen your fancy ties. Put down those shiny staplers. It’s time to let your fun out.

Read more about this campaign here.

Kraft Dinner has street cred

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Food Brand Map

See how it all connects

Click the image below to see where some of Today’s most popular and well-known food brands fit. You may be surprised. It’s interesting to see them organized in this diagram.


Video – Cadbury – “Eyebrows” Television Commercial

Raise your brows if you love Cadbury

This television commercial is one of our favourites. Not just because of the incredible brand work Cadbury has done over the years, but these two kids are beyond adorable. So break off a couple of Dairy Milk squares and enjoy this cute TV Spot.

Cadbury continues to innovate with the seasons.

If you liked that TV Spot, you’ll probably like this one.

We try our best to track down some of the best advertising supporting retail. Retail P.O.S. Production is a passion of ours.


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Coke Zero Inverted Retail POS Display Pyramid

Flip it upside down

Coke Zero really caught our eyes with this imaginative retail illusion. I imagine a few shopping carts have stopped to take a double take themselves. And in the business of Retail Point of Sale Production, Isn’t that the name of the game? :
Getting shoppers to pause and take notice.

Great Retail POS is about taking the impossible and making it possible.
Coke Zero has executed a tremendous example of just that. Nice job.

Get a closer look at the project brief here.

Coke Zero Inverted pyramid retail pos display

Coke Zero Inverted pyramid retail pos display