Proprint Services Internship – Spring 2018

My name is Sam Del Mastro and I have been interning here at Proprint Services for a bit
over two months. I’m writing this blog post in order to share with you some of the many
amazing experiences I have gained during my time at this company thus far.

Having shown up on my first day I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was immediately
greeted by a huge show room gallery of amazing retail point of sale displays, as well as
other highly creative projects and past designs that have been accomplished here at
Pro Print Services. The gallery sends a message that Pro Print Services is both proud
and confident in the work that they do. It is also a fantastic feature as clients and
employees alike gain the ability to walk by all the wonderfully developed displays.

The people here are great, they treated me as part of the team and really made me feel
welcome at all stages of my Pro Print Services internship experience. No matter what
department I was dealing with or who I talked to, everyone was on the same page and
ready to provide me with whatever it was I needed. The people here at Pro Print take
accurate concise communication very seriously and it really pays off.

I was very fortunate to be able to work along side the creative people here at Pro Print
Services. Thanks to their leadership and guidance I feel as though I have learned more
in my short time here then I have throughout years of design. From learning new software
programs, to finding out new ways to take better photos, there was never a shortage of diverse
and interesting tasks coming my way. These tasks have really given me a sense of accomplishment
and provided me with a new level of confidence in the work that I do.

I have no doubt that the leadership here has great taste. They have developed a truly
accomplished facility and I can’t wait to witness the many ways with which it will
grow over the years. The company environment is perfect and so is its culture.

Mondelēz Holiday POS 2017

Festive retail point of sale displays

The Holidays are here and with them another exciting series of retail point of sale from Mondelēz. This year their design style takes a new direction. Large appetite-appealing recipe photos take centre stage with seasonal accents like garland and festive ornaments.

Show-stopping market executions

This program was designed with modular elements, and the intention for retailers to customize display areas to suit their needs. The results speak for themselves! Grocery stores used this Point of Sale series to maximize retail footprints on the floor while taking branding to new heights – literally.

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North York General Foundation Paper Holiday Ornaments

A direct mail series with heart

This year, McLoughlin Promotions tasked Proprint with designing 3 separate paper ornaments for the North York General Foundation; each needed to fit in a standard envelope, be easy to assemble and look festive.

Thoughtfully designed

The Structural Design Department started with an efficient outline. They wanted to make certain that the dimensions were maximized and that the die cuts were easy to pop out. Three different die lines were produced so that each ornament would have unique windows and doors.  A hole in the roof allows for feeding through an ornament hook, ribbon or string to hang.

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Trade Show Booth Design and Production Services

Proprint is building relationships at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Buildings Show is one of the highlights of the year for us. We get a chance to reacquaint ourselves with old friends, as well as shake some hands with the people behind the ever-changing face of this city. We never miss it.

This year, we decided to step up our game and design a trade show display that showcased what we do and who we do it for. What better way to do this than by making it out of the very materials we specialize in (printed substrates). We treated our own brand like a case study. We wanted to show a clear path from friendly introduction to project discussion.

Our positioning for this show is clear. We offer:

Printing Services for Builders, Real Estate Marketers and Designers

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Edition Toronto International Art Book Fair

Supporting creativity, one page at a time

The second /edition Art Book Fair brings together 60 Canadian and international exhibitors, presenting a wide range of art-related publications and limited edition artworks. Visitors to 2 ⁄ edition will continue to have their eyes and minds opened to alternative ways of looking at and collecting art.

Learn more about the Fair here.

The importance of print

As Print and Signage Sponsor, Proprint is honoured to be involved with this event. They have built a reputation for providing dependable printing services to the literary and artistic community for over 25 years.

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Art Toronto 2017 – Opening Night Preview

A benefit for the Art Gallery of Ontario

Thursday Oct 26, 2017

It’s no secret that art is very important to the people of Proprint. They have built a positive reputation working with some of the city’s top designers, photographers and visual artists. Although the core of their business lies in the world of Retail Point of Sale Display Production, their interests encompass many creative fields.

This explains their yearly passionate support of the arts right here in Toronto. This Thursday, Proprint is proudly participating as an in-kind sponsor for the Opening Night of ART/TO. They provided the printing for all of the invitations and tickets.

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Cadbury Halloween Point of Sale Displays


Nobody does Halloween quite like Cadbury. For this season, they have gone all-out to capture attention and imaginations with this charming POS series.

This dimensional haunted house pallet topper is part of a POS kit that includes base wraps to cover product pallets, wobblers and bookcase side panels. Each are dressed with whimsical Halloween jack-o-lanterns to capture the spirit of this holiday season.

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Labatt Blue Thousand Islands Bridge POS Display

Labatt Breweries has been shaped by nearly 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where they operate. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to capturing the attentions of localized markets, they excel at it.

Local appeal

For a strategically-selected region of retailers around the Thousand Islands area, Labatt wanted to reproduce the look of the iconic Thousand Islands Bridge by incorporating it into an engaging store display series.

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