Piccolo Garden Seed Re-Design

Spring is Coming

Spring swiftly approaches and gardeners everywhere begin to plan ahead,
luckily for us all Piccolo is making gardening easy this year with its
vast collection of seeds.

Piccolo is an Italian-based company that has cultivated a wide assortment of
seeds varying from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. If you require
some flexibility look no further as these seeds are great for planting in pots
or more wide open areas if room isn’t an issue.

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With help from the great designers over at Here Design a series of package
designs were whipped up. A pattern literally created by seeds was utilized
for the packaging, the designs are packed with more than enough colour to
compete in the most vibrant of nurseries, and each package design is a great
representation of the seeds within.

When it comes to Gardening, Piccolo has got the helping hand.

Within each package comes a set of instructions specifically designed to
help both beginner and veteran gardeners alike by providing an easy to
read, straight forward and efficient layout.

Gardening Made Easy

Although seeds may be purchased separately, gardening enthusiasts have the
option to pick up a Piccolos Gardening Box. One box is focused on fruits
and vegetables while the other is herb and flower based.

A large option containing every seed type is also available at Piccolo. The cherry on top? You’re provided
with a large can of manure to get started!

Check it out!