Pre-production – Where do you start?


Planning the successful execution of an idea – that’s our favourite part.

It starts with a conversation

When you get a smart group of people together huddled around a puzzle, it can can be quite exciting. There’s just something great about walking past a boardroom and hearing laughter and debate. You have to have the right balance of clever and creative for a truly effective team. Then you gotta get them talking.

Then what?


Out of the box thinking is not only welcomed, it’s a pre-requisite for P.O.S. Production

Getting boxes from the shelf and into a shopping cart is harder than ever these days. You have to be constantly pushing the boundaries of printing technology and design to stay ahead of the trends. That’s not easy. Or fast.
You need voices at the table who are willing to turn a problem upside down to shake out a solution. A couple of rule-breakers with a dash of expertise and daring. What you need is a group of dreamers.

Don’t get me wrong, you also need a few voices of reason to keep things on budget and within the laws of physics

And when you find that balance within a production dream teamyou’re set. You know that you can handle even the most challenging assignments and come up with a team effort that exceeds expectations.

All you have to do is reach out. Advice is free. Success is priceless.

So where do you start?

Right here:


When approaching a new retail initiative, expertise and guidance are very important.


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