Thank you SickKids

Going above and beyond for children

Like all of you, we are amazed by the selfless efforts of those on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Especially those in hospitals like the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children, here in Toronto.

Grateful to the SickKids Team

This time, our appreciation hits even closer to home. One of our own Proprint Family members was diagnosed with leukemia and was admitted to SickKids during this pandemic.

Quinn is the son of Naush Ibrahim, our Structural Design Manager. This beautiful little fella is a fighter with a heart of gold. He is surrounded by a loving family (and an extended one). His treatment is going in a positive direction thanks to Dr Gupta and the rest of the Oncology team at SickKids.

Protecting those that protect our future

Over the years, Proprint has supported SickKids and the amazing people who look after our most precious resource there: our kids.

This time, we wanted to do something special. A small gesture of our appreciation and admiration for those looking after Quinn and other children like him. Naush designed these face shields himself (remotely) and then the Proprint Production Team made them a reality.

SickKids Foundation accepted our donation of 2000 face shields along with our gratitude.

How can you help The Hospital for Sick Children?