Real Banana Milk – Concept Packaging

By Dongwook Yoon

This packaging concept caught our attention today. Not just because of it’s simple approach but also for it’s clear communication.

For those who enjoy the flavour of banana, I imagine the act of opening the packaging must enhance the experience. This solution is imaginative and does with ease what most modern retail packaging has difficulty with: Conveying the contents with clarity.

Nicely done:


What if you can drink banana milk just as if you were peeling a fresh banana to take a bite? With this ingenious deisgn you can unwrap a bottle of banana milk in the same way you would peel a banana. By going through the motion of peeling a banana, this packaging idea suggests the freshness and hints at the sweetness of eating a real banana, as you prepare to take a sip of the banana flavoured milk. All the elements of the packaging – image, design, colour, and unwrapping effect – work together to enhance how the user will experience this product, setting the stage for sweet success.


Here is something similar. Same playful spirit. Different execution.