Retail Point of Sale display – Back to School Locker

Mondelēz International takes us to school

They say that the magic is in the details.
The team behind the Proprint Creative Engine believe in this firmly. So does Mondelēz apparently.
While branding and structural design are certainly very important, every now and then a project comes along that changes the game.


I wouldn’t describe this bilingual locker bookcase display as “designed”. This was thoughtfully “Illustrated”.

Mondelēz tells stories with their brands. They draw you in and make you take notice.

Isn’t that what great Retail P.O.S. is supposed to do anyway?

*Mylar locker mirror – love it.

Branding is fun. Painting brands over functional retail structures – that’s even better.

Look at some of these nice touches, like the iPod earbuds threading through the vents. This was a love letter to the back to school season.

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