Retail Point of Sale (P.O.S.) Post Production


The Finishing Touches

Once the printing and cutting have been done, it’s time for the next phase: Finishing. This stage is the “frosting on the cake” so to speak. And before a project is shipped off to market, it needs to go through any number of final touches and processes.


Stick Together

Glueing pieces together is only one of the many assembly tasks available in the post-production stage. Sometimes by hand. Sometimes using large format adhesive equipment. Printing and cutting is one half of the coin

People are behind Retail Post-Production

Machines can only do so much. Often, a project requires a “Human touch”. From stuffing boxes to assembling complex extras or just adding a small touch – these important steps can make all the difference.
You have to have a skilled workforce of detail-oriented individuals to hit ambitious targets. Quality has to be high, and several eyes need to be on the ball to ensure everything goes out on time. That requires a symphony of people who care.




Get it where it needs to go

On time and on budget. That’s the name of the game.