Retail Point of Sale (P.O.S.) Pre-Production


The right foundation for success

Charting a course is an important stage when targeting retail success. And perhaps the most important, because it’s an opportunity to put as many of the factors on the table as you can. The more complete the picture and clear the objective – the easier it is to make decisions.
That’s true for many creative disciplines. But it’s especially true for Retail Point of Sale Production.

It all starts with an idea

The true possibilities reveal themselves when you combine expertise and open minds. Ideation is most effective when you remove perceptions and allow yourself to see things from multiple perspectives. That starts with a conversation. One that you should not only participate in, but allow others to shine in as well.

Retail Point of Purchase Production requires a team-like mentality throughout. But in the beginning, it’s so important to establish that feeling. Get ideas flowing by bringing out the best in others.


Great Retail POS requires thought.

Hand Rendering

Drawing out an idea may seem like a low-tech approach to state-of-the-art Point of Sale Print Production. But it’s always been a great place to start. Great ideas for POS start on paper. After all, paper is where those ideas are captured in the end. Paper is power.


Draw out the essence of an idea.

3D Renderings

Once an approach for POS has begun to take shape, it may be necessary to see what it would actually look like on the floor. The way that a consumer would see it. Having the right tools and software to generate such images is important. But nothing is more important than an artist behind the mouse. People bring images to life. Not computers.

Designing a great piece of Retail POS is about creating magnetism for the eyes. A good digital display rendering can help to generate that magnetism before the Retail Production Phase. Editing and adjusting a realistic illustration gives the client a certain peace of mind before and the Production Art Team a guideline to follow.


We all scream for Ice Cream

Structural design

Making a retail display look amazing is one thing. Making certain it can hold it’s contents is another. A capable Structural Design Team can take the mathematics of a project and convert it into a thing of beauty. Maximizing the impact of a brand’s retail footprint is all about striking a balance between function, physics and materials. And as you might expect it to be: much harder than it looks.

To visualize between 2 and 3 dimensions is a rare quality to posses. To excel at it, requires patience and a level of thinking that is both literally and figuratively “out of the box“.

Using half-scale, white corrugate mock ups can really help everyone involved to see the big picture. This requires a large-scale high speed cutter and some serious Autocad expertise.


White paper corrugate mock up – structural design

Dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”

The truth is, Retail P.O.P. Pre-Production is not a list of tasks but rather a compliment of choices. Not all of the production services listed above are necessary across the board. Each project is different. Each situation needs to be measured as unique. But what they all share in common is  a need for a strong foundation before moving onto the Retail POS Production Phase.


The first step is yours.

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