Fujifilm Acuity F


The Acuity F is the most productive printer in the popular Acuity series. It combines 7 years of market leading image quality with leading edge engineering and ink technology to deliver a state-of-the-art platform capable of a wide range of print applications. With a maximum print speed of over 1,600 square feet per hour, the Acuity F was built for retail Point of sale production.


The Acuity F allows you to select the right production speed and image quality to produce close view to display print. The addition of white ink further extends the application and media range to include clear and colored substrates. The Acuity F Series maintains all the advantages of the popular and successful Acuity Platform, including near-photographic image quality, versatility and ease of use, but has been optimized for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications.



Nonstop Production – The Acuity F features dual print zones, each with its own vacuum system, which can be used independently. Nonstop production is possible as one board can be loaded while the other is being printed. Unlike previous Acuity models, the double bed size is standard with this press.

Flexible Production – For the first time on an Acuity, pneumatic registration pins means minimal operator involvement. These allow for quick, easy and accurate positioning of material, loading in perfect register, as well as its high-flow vacuum system that can hold down any rigid media, including uneven substrates.

Automatic Maintenance System – The Acuity F is equipped with an Automated Maintenance System (AMS) – a new feature in the Acuity range. The AMS cleans the printheads in less than 25 seconds per color, ensuring that the nozzles are clean and ready to print at any time, maximizing productivity.

Speed – To achieve the print speeds demanded, The Acuity F has 6 printheads per color channel with over 27,000 nozzles (on 7 channel models). Like other Acuity models, variable drop size printheads delivery quality prints at the necessary speeds. The addition of light inks to the Acuity F allows for finer color graduations at faster speeds.


Proprint is the first Retail Print Production company in North America to assemble the Acuity F.