Kongsberg i-XL Auto Digital Cutting Table


Based on the Kongsberg XL-Series of short-run production tables, the i-XL series utilizes the industry standard for vision control, the i-cut® system. The Kongsberg i-XL complements digital printing of sign and displays with a unique finishing solution for the widest range of materials, providing automation, high productivity and outstanding precision.

Since they were introduced in 1984, well over 2,000 Kongsberg cutting tables have been installed in more than 70 countries worldwide, and the number is increasing rapidly. Almost all of those are still in daily production.


Widest range of materials

Kongsberg tables are successful because of the wide variety of materials they can process. With the i-XL series of tables, you can choose between the FlexiHead and MultiCUT toolheads for high performance finishing.

From an extensive selection, different tools can be inserted simultaneously into the configurable tool stations of the FlexiHead and MultiCUT:
• Tangential knife tools
• Micro- and Kisscut tools
• Oscillating knife tools
• Creasing tools
• Pen plotting tools


All the FlexiHead tools can be combined with a high-power router in the MultiCUT toolhead in two customer configu- rable stations. Operators who need an extra tool to process rigid materials such as Dibond, Forex, Sintra, PVC, wood and acrylics up to 25mm (1”) thick, now have the most productive and versatile solution.
The MultiCUT router spindle features a true 1kW of milling power, and adjustable spindle speeds up to 60,000 RPM. It allows for milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving directly from CAD/graphics designs. Matched with heavy-duty construction and the sophisticated Z-axis control of the i-XL tables, the router delivers high quality output at an impres- sive throughput rate – making the MultiCUT a great tool for real production work.


Cut out for Retail P.O.S. Production

Automated material handling with the conveyer system

The Kongsberg i-XL can be equipped with the conveyer system for automated material processing. Production applications, requiring continuous loading of material by pushing material on the conveyer belt and moving the belt, are made easy.


The Kongsberg i-XL is a Retail P.O.S. clydesdale. I’ve worked with several digital cutters in my career, but nothing even comes close to this one.
It’s fast, precise, accurate and dependable. It has one of the largest conveyer systems in the industry. And it slices through a diverse range of materials with ease.
When it comes to prototyping mock-ups for retail, you can’t make mistakes. In my opinion, the i-XL is quite simply the best there is.

Naush Imbram
Structural Design Manager
Proprint Services Inc.

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