INCA R40i Digital Flatbed Press

Retail POS Equipment Profile


Speed matched with crisp detail

The Onset R40i is an ultra-high quality UV inkjet flatbed printer that combines speed with quality. Capable of delivering high production speeds of 400m2/hr or 80 full-bed sheets per hour and print quality of up to 1200 dpi thanks to its 14 pico-litre drop size. With a print area of 3.22 x 1.6m, this machine triumphs as the 7th generation of moving flatbed technology for Inca.


8 colours

The Onset R40i is an 8 colour press (CMYK + light cyan and magenta). The light cyan and magenta enables you to print very high quality images, such as food and fashion. White and orange are the other 2 colours available for use in this press. At a sheet size of 63″ x 123″, we can print on 100 lb paper, corrugate, foam core, styrene or any number of substrates. With an operator console including touch-screen, keyboard and mouse, this product really allows for quick and easy use for even the toughest of jobs.



  • Intelligent material height detection
    • Ignores small defects in the material surface, reduced stoppages and downtime.
  • Intelligent cleaning
    • Monitor the amount of UV light exposure and control the cleaning cycles.
  • Automation options
    • Powerful, efficient material handling systems both semi and fully-automated.
  • Full-width UV lamp system
    • Image is printed with the printheads in a fixed position so images do not suffer from textural banding.
  • Built for high performance
    • Linear motors and vibration free air bearings for smooth and rapid positioning of the print carriage.
  • Satin to gloss finish
    • Choices from low glare satin to high impact gloss.
  • Full-width printhead array
    • Dual UV curing lamps provide the option to print bi-directionally.
  • Intelligent print quality management
    • Intelligent nozzle mapping system maintains print quality.
  • Zoned vacuum flatbed
    • Quick set-up and switch between jobs.


If you’re interested in the specifications of this amazing product check out the Inca R40i DataSheet

To learn more about the Fujifilm Inca R40i , check out there product brochure for more information.



Here at proprint, we wish to provide quality products to our customers and have done lots of research to determine which printing press would best suit our needs. The Onset R40i came out on top and works great with our existing press, the Inca Onset S40. They work coherently with each other providing us with high speeds and great quality for every print. The Onset R40i truly is the best in its class.



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