Adobe Illustrator CC

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Adobe Illustrator CC - Industry Standard

Adobe Illustrator CC – Industry Standard

Illustrator has always been right to the point.

When it comes to making measurements Adobe Illustrator is about as accurate as you can get. Mainly because this cutting edge design software is mathematically-based. That opens up a world of possibilities in the business of great Retail Point of Sale Production.

Illustrator CC is the blending of art and math. The precision makes it an ideal design tool, but it’s the flexibility of that math that really gives AI it’s strength.


The ultimate vector-based software application. Period.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based image application.

Photoshop runs on pixels (Raster art). But Illustrator is mathematical. It relies on shape, colour values, points and angles to create visuals. That file format is called vector art, and it’s been around for a long time.

Unlike pixels, “Vectors” are not limited by resolution (or DPI as it is known – *Dots per Inch). You can enlarge or reduce vector-based images to any desirable size. And adjusting colours and shapes is an easy process as well. That is, for someone who knows how to wield it anyway. Make no mistake, Adobe Illustrator is a sophisticated piece of software.


Adobe Illustrator plays nice with others

The best part is that Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator all work quite well together. File formats translate relatively well. So whether you are building a Retail Display, Brand Packaging or a Large-format Poster – Adobe has you covered.

AutoCad also works in mathematical vectors, so when a die-line is created by the structural department, the design department can seamlessly pick up where they left off. In Retail POS production it helps to speak the same language. Especially when that language is design.


Accurate art

In this business, Accuracy is Everything

Illustrator is the weapon of choice for many seasoned design teams. Probably because much like it’s Adobe counterparts, it has been written to allow creative individuals to reach the next level. Many designers accept that challenge.