The foundation for retail success

The Proprint Structural Design Department is a retail laboratory where displays are conceived. We take the the client brief and convert it into a structure that meets then exceeds expectations.


Planning to Print

Some agencies look at Retail Point of Sale Production as an afterthought. This couldn’t be more wrong. We like to look at it in reverse. After all, the objective is to get the consumer’s attention. We like to start our designs with them. Then work our way back.
This unique approach gives our clients the edge. It’s one of the main advantages of working so close to the retail execution stage. We get to see things differently.

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Executing success

Retail Point of Sale Production is an art, a science and a passion for some. We fall into that category and we pass our expertise on you.
Having state-of-the-art equipment (and we do) is important. But more important are the people behind them. They are the real difference. We stake our 25 year reputation on them. Experience that difference for yourself.


Client Services

We invest ourselves in your business and your brand. We watch the details that lead to successful retail executions. We’re friendly and fun to work with. But we also have our act together. Let’s start a conversation about your brand.

List of Services

We’ve got you covered:


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