Retail POS Structural Design

structural design retail point of sale displays

Maximizing the Retail Footprint

Before a retail display can be dressed with graphics, it has to pass through the Proprint Structural Design Department. This is where the client brief is converted into a three dimensional display.
Many factors must be considered. The amount and weight of the total packaging units, dimensional parameters and even the materials required to produce it. Together, these ingredients are considered when coming up with a design that is easy to ship, assemble and activate successfully in market.


Working closely with creative

The creative artwork and structure must blend seamlessly. This requires open communication and problem solving between both departments. Trial and error help to steer a display to fruition through rigorous testing until it meets the industry standard set by Proprint. There is no perfect formula when it comes to great Retail POS Production. Only the pursuit of perfection.

25 years of structural and packaging design

Proprint has the capabilities to bring your brand’s retail objectives to life. Let’s start a conversation about it.